How Voters With Disabilities Are Blocked From the Ballot Box

In light of security concerns, states moved to paper ballots. Now voters with disabilities are losing access.

When Police Officers Don't Know About the ADA

In many jurisdictions, cops’ noncompliance with the law has led to strain and miscommunication with the deaf community.

Flurry of Laws Enacted on Women’s Access to Health Care

As Washington moved to reduce federal funding for women’s health, the battle over affordable birth control and other women’s health services shifted to state capitals.

Quality of Internet Access Varies Wildly

Good-quality, affordable broadband is the difference between inclusion or exclusion from society.

Amid Infrastructure Crisis, Accessibility-Minded Agencies Are Needed More Than Ever

“Transportation agencies know surprisingly little about the people and places that they serve…” said MassDOT’s secretary at a Brookings Institution event in Washington, D.C.

Accelerating Internet Accessibility in U.S. Cities

EveryoneOn has already brought affordable, reliable internet to 405,000 homes in 48 states, and the nonprofit is about to embark on a nine-month effort to expand its work.

San Francisco Looks to Level the Broadband Playing Field

Landlords of multi-unit dwellings who attempt to offer only one internet service provider to residents will have to open their doors to resident-requested alternatives, if first-of-its-kind legislation passes.

Voter Information on Government Websites Still Fails Basic Accessibility Tests

Are inaccessible features on government websites making it harder for people with disabilities to vote?

Why Parklets Are Working in Minneapolis

The sidewalk extensions trade parking for public spaces promoting walking, biking, community and economic development.

State IT Accessibility Is Improving, But Here’s How It Can Get Even Better

Procurement reforms, innovation teams and testing policies are a few recommendations from experts at NASCIO’s midyear conference in Baltimore.

Local Governments Still Don’t Quite Understand Federal Web Accessibility Rules

89 percent of local government leaders recently surveyed had little or no knowledge of the requirements for digital accessibility.

Detroit Mini-Park Revitalization Project Looks to Improve Neglected Parcels

The Knight Cities Challenge awards 'Give a Park, Get a Park' proposal a major grant to better manage city resources and work with local property owners.

San Francisco’s Plan to Improve Public Transit Access for Underserved Communities

A light rail extension and bus fleet replacement are the biggest investment, but Muni also has smaller adjustments in the works.

L.A. Launches Advisory Council That Will Focus on Transgender Policy Issues

“We all have a fundamental right to be exactly who we are, regardless of gender identity or expression,” says Mayor Eric Garcetti.

New York City’s 5G Gigabit Network Begins to Take Shape

Around 500 sidewalk kiosks will replace payphones by mid-summer, creating a network of high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots across the city.

America Offline: The Number of Americans Without an Internet Connection

There are still about 47 million people in the United States who don't have an Internet connection.