When You Give Alaskans a Universal Basic Income, They Still Keep Working

Public support for the Alaska Permanent Fund has deepened in the past generation, despite the prospect of raising taxes.

State and Local Officials Press for More Resources to Reduce Risks From Natural Hazards

“Over the last half-dozen years every one of our federal and state funding lines has been cut back,” according to Alaska Earthquake Center seismologist Mike West.

What We Can Learn From Tuesday’s Orderly Tsunami Evacuations

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska didn’t cause major damage but the local response underscores some important lessons in emergency preparedness.

Trump Administration Eyes as ‘Much as Possible’ for Expanded Offshore Drilling

A number of state and local officials are opposing the leasing of previously protected waters.

Buying Into the Internet of Things

States need to be smart and strategic when purchasing connected devices, according to Alaska's chief procurement officer.

War on Opioids Moves to Veterinarians’ Offices

Some states are taking the war on opioids into veterinarians’ offices, aiming to prevent people who are addicted to opioids from using their pets to procure drugs for their own use.

Why Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Push Puts Alaska in Tough Spot

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Connecticut’s schools face major budget heartburn; Airbnb bookings for eclipse have extra benefit for Wyoming; and it’s City Hall Selfie Day!

Trump Warns He’ll Protect Alaska’s Environment, if Murkowski Doesn’t Back Obamacare Repeal

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Missouri still refers to Asian Americans as 'Oriental'; Election Integrity vice chair's credibility questioned; no more parties in Miami Beach . . . after 2 a.m.?

Managing Risk in the U.S. City Facing the Most Danger From Urban Avalanches

If the conditions are right, snow and ice can rip a path of destruction in Juneau, Alaska. This spring, Route Fifty explored an avalanche that came down Mount Juneau, which could have hit a neighborhood if circumstances were different.

New Series: The Geography of Disaster Risk and Resiliency in America

Starting in Alaska and heading to the Lower 48, Route Fifty will feature locations that tell interesting stories about the dangers and disasters that our communities face.

Arctic Mayors Gather to Discuss Common Challenges Living in the Far North

“We are so much alike in our issues. We have an understanding, and an empathy,” according to the mayor of Nome, Alaska.

State Rep. Gives ‘Worst Apology Ever’ Amid Formal Public Reprimand

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Another Confederate statue comes down in New Orleans; Vermont lawmakers legalize recreational marijuana; and Chris Christie’s controversial N.J. State House renovations.

Why Alaskans Are Flocking to a Pipe on the Side of the Road

Near Mile 109 along the Seward Highway, watch out for people carrying water jugs running across the road.

The Building Blocks of Community Resiliency in Anchorage

How a planned community hub and garden is envisioned to help strengthen one of the nation’s most diverse neighborhoods.

The Alaska Town That Sank and (Mostly) Disappeared

PHOTOS: The devastating Good Friday Earthquake nearly wiped this spot off the map in 1964. But not everything.

‘We Can’t Fix Alaska on Cuts Alone’

With his state on shaky fiscal ground, Gov. Bill Walker is trying to thaw the ice as deadlocked legislative leaders try to resolve their differences and find a way to generate new revenue.

How Some Alaska Cities Try to Outsmart Bears

In Juneau, garbage management has to take hungry animals into account.