New App Maps Overdose Epidemic in Real Time

As opioid overdoses spiral, first responders and public health agencies are adopting a smartphone application that tracks both deaths and rescues as they happen.

When Seconds Matter, Tiny Flaws in User Design Can Slow Things Down

Bus service can be delayed for a variety of reasons, including squinting. Yes, squinting.

An App For Democratizing Street Design

So far, tech companies have been determining how driverless cars will fit into the grid. ReStreet invites you to weigh in.

New York's Pursuit of a More Useful App Contest

After drawing criticism from the tech community, the city redefines how government app competitions can work efficiently.

California's Open Data Portal Goes Open Source for the Apps

The portal will be maintained by the state Office of Digital Innovation alongside its Innovation Lab--centralization that should bode well for future app development.

How Apps Can Prompt Police Departments to Release More Stats

In trying to answer questions about U.S. crime using open data, app developers on the online analytics platform Foxtrot Code are requiring even more transparency from city officials.

5 Pop Songs That Can Teach Government Agencies About Launching Mobile Apps

"They heard it through the grapevine is not good marketing," and other lessons pop music can teach us.

Waze Can Now Warn You About High-Crime Neighborhoods in Cities. But Is That a Good Idea?

Making high-crime neighborhoods visible could stigmatize them and worsen economic inequality.

This App Aims to Incentivize Public Transit Ridership and Boost Local Businesses

Shop and Ride is connecting riders with merchant offers along their routes, and soon they met be able to redeem points for travel rewards.

A Denver Suburb Bets Big on Free Lyft Rides to Light Rail

Centennial thinks it can triple the ridership of its existing dial-a-ride service.

Cuomo Moves to Block Sex Offenders in N.Y. From Using ‘Pokemon Go’

The governor’s action follows an investigative report from lawmakers that highlighted potentially problematic trends.

D.C.’s Foster Care App Illustrates the Importance of a Mobile-First Mentality

Many government agencies shy away from mobile apps, but the District of Columbia's Child and Family Services Agency recognized that’s just what it needed.

Reality Is Messier Than Uber and Airbnb Want It to Be

Sharing platforms are meant to scale seamlessly throughout the world, but they’ve faced a different knotty set of rules in nearly every city they’ve colonized.

Zombie Invasion: Rethinking Undead Mobile Apps

Plenty of old, outdated, “zombie” native mobile apps are still around, swaying and shuffling around the app stores without serving a useful purpose for the government agencies that created them.

For Smaller Cities, Intelligent Networks Offer a Solid Digital Foundation

Legacy networks are constraining when cities must meet connectivity demands, according to Verizon’s VP of SLED markets.

Waze Puts Safety Over Speed by Minimizing Left Turns

The navigation app will help drivers in Los Angeles avoid dangerous left turns at busy intersections.

This Housing Authority Took App Delivery Into the Cloud

Workplace entry is easier when core software can quickly be pushed to anyone’s device securely.

Government Agencies Continue Their Shift to Hybrid IT, But Few Will Go All In

Security concerns, lacking skills, budget constraints and legacy systems all impose barriers to a complete migration to the cloud.

How Cities Are Leading the Way on Infrastructure Innovation

“While states weren’t looking, our cities became better governed, better managed places,” said Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore.