Justice Department Tests Mayors With Its Latest Threat on Immigration Enforcement

By delaying law enforcement funds to all jurisdictions, Attorney General Jeff Sessions aims to further vilify “sanctuary cities.” “The stakes for cities here are very high.”

These Cities Have the Nation’s Top-Ranked Real Estate Markets

A new report from the Urban Land Institute and PwC shows that compared to the biggest markets, smaller-sized cities are surging.

Here’s a New Playbook for Municipal Civic Tech Projects

The guide was compiled based on lessons learned in Austin, Louisville and Raleigh.

Demystifying Austin’s Mobility Bond

With 68 capital improvement projects in the works and more forthcoming, the city needed a way to keep residents aware of how their tax dollars are being spent and to what effect.

Austin's Mayor Responds to Man Angered By ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening

Steve Adler posts a letter writer's message to boycott Austin, which the mayor describes as "an embarrassment to modernity, decency, and common sense."

The Catch-22 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Face Under Newly Signed Texas Law

Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation mandating local officials comply with federal immigration law or face possible removal from office. But doing so without a warrant could open them up to unlawful arrest lawsuits.

The Trump Administration’s Mixed Messages on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Continue

City Halls now want a legal definition of the term, with Seattle even suing for one.

Sessions: ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Must Comply or Be Denied DOJ Grants

Does an Obama-era policy really give the agency leeway to defund jurisdictions still refusing to enforce immigration law?

Want to Build a Smart City? Partnerships Are Key

US Ignite, Verizon, Intel and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed told a SXSW gathering that it’s all about a driving commitment to partnerships.

Why Mayors Are Flocking to SXSW

In a guest article, Austin Mayor Steve Adler details why for innovators and municipal leaders alike, tech touches everything cities do.

New Kiosk-less Bikeshare Unveiled in Austin During SXSW

Spin believes its approach to bike sharing will help solve the last-mile transit issue in our cities.

Stay Tuned: Route Fifty Is Reporting From SXSW

Mayors are at Austin’s cultural conference and festival—and so are we.

5 Cities Take Smart City Planning to the Next Level

From engaging underserved populations to preparing for climate change’s most devastating effects, these cities have their work cut out for them.

Texas Gov. Vows ‘Stiffer Penalties’ Coming After Cutting Criminal Justice Grants for Travis County

In move targeting sanctuary city jurisdictions, Gov. Greg Abbott slashes $1.5 million in grants for law enforcement in and around Austin.

Mayors Share Experiences From Their Efforts to End Veteran Homelessness

At the U.S. Conference of Mayors winter meeting in the nation’s capital, Austin’s Steve Adler and John Giles of Mesa, Ariz., discuss their power to convene.

Will Austin Become Texas' First 'Sanctuary City'?; Maine Gov. Swears Off Press

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: S.C.'s 'freight train' of a pension problem; Idaho wants feds to let it regulate pollution; N.C. misappropriates half a million dollars

Ranking Business Startup Activity in U.S. Metro Areas and States

The Kauffman Index of Startup Activity shows where entrepreneurship is flourishing.

Incivility in City Council Chambers Sparks Debate in Austin

In a blog post, Mayor Steven Adler laments that too often those who testify before the City Council do not receive the respect they deserve.

3 Gigabit Cities Using High-Speed Broadband for Civic Engagement

Next Century Cities just gave Raleigh, Austin and Louisville $30,000 and will provide technical assistance to get their innovative, repeatable projects off the ground.