Low-Lying Boston’s Frigid Flood Risk Reminder

A powerful Nor’easter storm brought some of the highest tides on record to Massachusetts—and they’re a taste of what’s to come.

With ‘Bomb Cyclone,’ Boston Points Residents to This Important Map

Before citizens can help the city keep fire hydrants and catch basins clear of snow, they first need to know where they’re located.

As Boston, N.Y. Mayors Start Their 2nd Terms, a Focus on Housing Affordability

In their inauguration speeches, Marty Walsh and Bill de Blasio discuss what may be the the most difficult policy challenge U.S. city halls are facing.

Yes, Boston Faces a Very Real Earthquake Risk

A repeat of the 1755 Cape Ann quake could devastate one of the nation’s oldest cities. But the costs of strengthening vulnerable buildings and infrastructure may not be worth it.

In Congested Cities, It Takes a Champion to Deliver Bus-Priority Infrastructure

Local jurisdictions are looking at less-expensive ways to improve transit service through traffic-clogged corridors. But it takes advocates inside and outside government to make them a reality.

Boston’s Smarter 3-1-1 System Is Coming

Residents will soon be able to describe their problem in a sentence or less and have case types suggested to them.

How to Stop Neo-Nazis From Mobilizing on the Street: Lessons From Europe

Boston's march against racism deflated the far right's ability to mobilize publicly while remaining peaceful.

Boston’s Unparalleled Effort to Incorporate Racial Equity Into Urban Planning

“To be a strong city, we must learn to understand one another, break down the systemic racism of our history, and advocate for the rights of every Bostonian,” Mayor Marty Walsh said.

What 3 U.S. Mayors Think Cities Will Be Like in 2030

The mayors of Baltimore, Boston and Denver weighed in on major issues their cities are facing at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 85th annual meeting.

Boston Seeks a More Tech-Savvy Audience With New Open Data Platform

“We’re trying to establish a culture where the default for datasets is trying to make things open data,” said the city’s chief data officer.

Boston Studying Massive Seawall; Tucson’s Mayor Carjacked at Home

Also in our State and Local Weekend Digest: Broadband-digging fines in Charlotte; Rhode Island’s governor defends free-tuition plan; and Newark’s mayor has a message about being “the next Brooklyn.”

Closing the ‘Last Mile' Gap With Uber and Lyft Continues to Gain Steam

“We see it as building as many different modes to match the needs of our customers as possible,” according to the MBTA’s transportation innovation director.

Mayors Stand Together in Support of the Affordable Care Act

“We are all here to say you cannot replace something with nothing, and you cannot replace something with something worse.”

Newly Redesigned Boston.gov Just Went Open Source

Officials boast this is the first time a major U.S. city has made its full website code public.

Boston’s Redevelopment Rebranding; California’s New Fishing Rules

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Racism in Delaware government, fire-damaged bridge that nearly collapsed reopens in Pittsburgh; and Butte business owners vs. homeless

Boston Has Plans for Autonomous Vehicle Testing by the End of 2016

That announcement comes as self-driving Uber vehicles hit the streets in Pittsburgh and as Columbus has proposed a network of driverless shuttles.

Nurses Step In to Boost Treatment for Opioid Addiction

States are eyeing a nurse-managed approach to buprenorphine therapy as a way to treat more people.

What Boston's Preschools Get Right

After a relentless focus on quality in the early years, the city is even bringing lessons learned to later grades.