Movement to Make Broadband a Public Utility Gains Momentum in Colorado

Front Range communities like Longmont and Fort Collins have been on the front lines of an ongoing battle over improving internet speeds, access and reliability.

FCC Dinged Over Lack of Federal Strategy for Rural Broadband Adoption

“They have the authority, but I don’t know if they have the political interest,” said the National Digital Inclusion Alliance's director during Senate Commerce subcommittee questioning.

18 Projects Across 6 Cities to Benefit From Gigabit Internet Grants

Mozilla is backing robotics as well as augmented and virtual reality efforts boosting education and workforce development in Austin and elsewhere.

San Francisco's Path Forward to Close Its Digital Divide

The city will consider two public-private municipal fiber alternatives to a high-risk, purely public network.

The Importance of Bringing Broadband to the Heartland

Only ubiquitous connectivity will unleash the economic potential of rural America.

AT&T’s Lawsuit Challenging Google Fiber Expansion Faces Setback in Louisville

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Montana’s wildfire funding running dry; Peoria’s new apprenticeship program; and a N.Y. public information officer’s unfortunate “butt dial.”

Deadline Looms for Nation’s Broadband Network for First Responders

Although each state has unique issues they wish to see addressed, there are some common challenges affecting all states that require clarification and should be resolved before the release of the final state plans.

Missouri Mayors Look to Expand High-Speed Internet Access

“It’s becoming quite obvious that if you’re not connected, you’re falling behind,” Kansas City Mayor Sly James said.

FCC Plans to Spend Billions on Rural Broadband

The FCC plans to spend $2 billion over 10 years to bring broadband access to harder-to-connect parts of the country.

The Next Front In Net Neutrality And Internet Privacy Wars Might Be Your Hometown

A court decision just strengthened local governments’ leverage over cable companies

How One Bay Area CIO Is Moving His County to the Cloud

Hyperconverged infrastructure has meant major savings for San Mateo County, California, as it bridges the technology divide between its disconnected and affluent cities.

Quality of Internet Access Varies Wildly

Good-quality, affordable broadband is the difference between inclusion or exclusion from society.

Economic Development in Virginia’s Coalfields Region Is a ‘Little Like Fishing’

“The economic situation didn’t happen overnight and it’s not going to be cured overnight,” according to Carl Snodgrass, an economic development official in Wise County.

Many States Remain Stumbling Blocks for Improving Local Broadband Access

Next Century Cities details its policy priorities in its 2017 Emerging Issues Policy Agenda.

Utah’s Cloud Flexibility Welcomes Innovative IoT and AI Solutions

In an interview with Route Fifty, state CIO Mike Hussey discusses rural broadband and lingering “last mile” challenges.

Will Trump’s Planned Cuts Scuttle an Ambitious P3 Plan for Broadband in Kentucky Coal Country?

The feasibility of the project in Pikeville could depend partly on federal grant programs that may be eliminated.

AT&T Scores $6.5 Billion Contract to Build Nation's 1st Public Safety Broadband Network

FirstNet aims to create a separate network to be used by about 5.4 million public safety, fire, police and emergency medical officers at the state, local and federal levels.