Seeking Solutions for the ‘Water Infrastructure Death Spiral’

It’s a problem communities can face when populations and property values decline.

Republicans Mull Expanding State, Local Deduction in Tax Legislation

GOP leaders in the House and Senate have voiced an openness to including a limited deduction for state and local income taxes as they move toward finalizing their tax code rewrite.

Senate Approves Tax Bill With Limited State and Local Deduction

The legislation passed 51-49, without Democratic support. One credit rating agency described the bill as "negative overall for state and local government finances."

Collins Files SALT Amendment, as Senate Votes to Debate Tax Bill

Sen. Susan Collins is proposing to change state and local tax deduction provisions in the bill to mirror House legislation.

Trump Tells Senators He Backs Capped SALT Deduction in Tax Bill

GOP tax legislation in the Senate could get a floor vote before the end of the week.

The Republican Tax Bill Might Need an Escape Hatch to Pass

Ahead of a key vote this week, senators from states where tax cuts busted the budget want the plan to include a “backstop” in case the party’s rosy revenue predictions don’t come true.

The Red-State Revolt Spreads to Oklahoma

Republican voters soured on tax cuts in Kansas. Now a similar budget crisis is playing out in Oklahoma, and in a string of special-election wins, Democrats are taking advantage.

Spending on State and Local Environment and Interior Programs Spared Big Cuts in Senate Plan

But there aren’t huge boosts in the appropriations proposal either for programs that are significant for states and localities.

Comparing Cities in Terms of the Financial Health of Their Residents

A new data dashboard features metrics like median credit scores, and delinquent debt levels for residents in 60 U.S. cities.

Local Governments Scramble to Assess Impacts of Tax Proposals

Whether representing a booming urban center, a ritzy suburb, a steel town struggling for growth, or an overtaxed collar county of Chicago, local officials are concerned about the GOP tax plan.

Ohio Seeks to Identify, Help Local Governments Headed for Distress

Detecting trouble early gives states and local governments more flexibility to solve a local government’s fiscal challenges.

Volcker Alliance Grades the 50 States According to Their Budget Practices

The report, the result of a multi-year study examining state budget procedures in five categories, aims to identify “the strongest and weakest among states will encourage new efforts to raise standards for all states.”

As House GOP Prepares to Unveil Tax Bill, Here’s What’s Up With SALT

The odds the legislation will maintain a deduction for state and local income or sales taxes appear unlikely.

The U.S. Isn’t Prepared for the Next Recession

When it comes—and it will, eventually—it’ll be worse than necessary.

How Much Is the State and Local Property Tax Deduction Worth?

House Republicans are set to unveil their tax plan this week. Retaining a deduction for state and local property taxes promises to change the math.

5 Good Reasons Why Local Governments Should Embrace Long-Term Budget Forecasting

There are plenty of reasons why cities and counties focus on short-term fiscal needs. Here are some advantages for those who change that risky mindset.

HUD Offers an Update on $7.4 Billion in Disaster Grant Funding

The agency also announced it will funnel about $58 million to the state of Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

U.S. Senate Approves Tax-Related Amendment State and Local Groups Oppose

“This is a disappointment,” a lead National Governors Association staffer said of the measure, which could have implications for the state and local tax deduction.

‘You're Not Going to See a Gas Tax Increase. It's Just Not Gonna Happen.’

House lawmakers mull road and transit issues as they wait for the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan.