Homeland Security Told States About Russian Hacking Attempts With a Phone Script

Homeland Security notified state government officials about Russian probing in advance of the 2016 election, but often did not reach out to election officials, many of whom lacked security clearances.

House Democrats Eye $400 Million for Election Security

The goal is to replace outdated and unsecured voting machines that lack paper receipts for votes.

'Proof of Citizenship' Voting Laws May Surge Under Trump

Requiring proof of citizenship makes election systems so complex that eligible voters are disenfranchised, according to a recent lawsuit in Arizona.

How Alabama's Election Laws Keep Moore on the Ballot

After multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment of minors against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, a complicated set of elections laws and rules is being used to keep his hat in the ring.

Small Town Mayor Impeached, Kicked Out of Office, Then Reinstated and Reelected

It was a classic local political power struggle, in miniature perhaps, but still bruising.

In Tuesday’s Off-Year Elections, Who Won the Big Mayoral Races?

In Hoboken, N.J., it was Ravi Bhalla, an Indian-American Sikh who dons a turban and who was attacked with campaign mailers that suggested he was a terrorist.

DHS: Sharing Election Threat Info With States Won't Be One-Size-Fits-All

As the clock counts down to national elections in 2018 and 2020, Homeland Security is asking top election officials in all 50 states how they’d like to communicate about relevant information security information,

The Problem With Electing Prosecutors

The Manhattan district attorney has come under fire for campaign donations he received—one from Harvey Weinstein's lawyer and others from a Trump family attorney.

Election Officials Must Embrace IT Personnel to Thwart the Impending Hacker Onslaught

“When it comes to hackers you have to think in terms of an ongoing arms race, which is not very comforting to people in elections,” according to a chief technologist with the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Russian Hacking Fuels Return to Paper Ballots

After Russian hackers targeted state voting systems last year, some officials are renewing their focus on switching to paper ballots, which they say are more secure and leave an audit trail.

State Election Officials Still Angry But Ready to Work With DHS

A conversation about state and federal cooperation on election cybersecurity with Connie Lawson, president of the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Election Hacks: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Elections expert David Becker explains that amid a national panic, "states and localities have been quietly working to assess election security in 2016 and improve the systems for 2018."

The Trump Voter-Fraud Commission's Data Problem

During its second meeting on Tuesday, the Kris Kobach-led group heard presentations that sometimes followed a circular logic.

How the Feds Can Help Counties Secure Elections

Without impinging on the sovereignty of any state, county or town, the federal government does have the ability to help secure national elections, according to the clerk-recorder of Inyo County, California.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Is Switching Parties. Again.

“Today,” the governor told a crowd gathered for a Trump rally, “I will tell you as West Virginians that I can’t help you anymore being a Democrat governor.”

Lawmakers Strike Back Against Voter-Approved Ballot Measures

Are legislatures rejecting the “will of the people” or fixing their unworkable laws?

What's the Real Goal of Trump's Voter-Fraud Commission?

A conversation with Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, one of three Democrats advising the president on “election integrity.”

Counties Are on the Front Lines of Cyber War

WATCH: A retired Marine general outlined how a fundamental threat to our democracy must be addressed.