Stop Saying 'Smart Cities'

Digital stardust won’t magically make future cities more affordable or resilient.

Oakland’s Website Overhaul Is Underway

A new Design League embedded with city departments is helping identify which services to digitize.

A Tech-Enabled Effort to Fight Census Undercounting in San José

There’s a Jan. 15 deadline for localities to update their residential address lists for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Smart Cities Are Great. Human-centric Cities Are (Again) the Future

These days, huge capital investments are no longer required to put cities on the map.

Here’s a New Playbook for Municipal Civic Tech Projects

The guide was compiled based on lessons learned in Austin, Louisville and Raleigh.

New Mapping Tool Helps Chattanoogans Explore Their City’s Data

"Open data has a tremendous ability to break down barriers and empower communities,” according to Mayor Andy Berke.

A Playbook for User-Centered Hiring

A new analysis of government hiring found the "very people they need to make government more responsive to the public are the people driven away by the poor user experience."

San Francisco's New Bike Racks Are Self-Aware

They make security cameras take your picture and cry for help if somebody is stealing your bike.

After Ferguson, Civic Tech Collaborative Helps Residents Navigate Convoluted Criminal Justice System

In St. Louis County, residents—and black residents in particular—often find themselves drowning in questionable fines and fees. Enter YourSTLCourts.

What Data-Driven Mayors Don't Get

In an age of growing alienation from civic institutions, the technocrats running many American cities don’t understand what old-style political machines once delivered.

New York's Pursuit of a More Useful App Contest

After drawing criticism from the tech community, the city redefines how government app competitions can work efficiently.

Our Cities Are Getting Smarter And You Probably Didn’t Even Notice

Cities don’t need to implement every single connected solution to be considered “smart.”

‘Equity Is Critical to Oakland’s Resilience’

Disparities in educational and job opportunities across short distances have the city thinking about how it can improve underserved communities’ access to government services.

Confronted With Vacant Building Fires, Louisville Turns to Civic Hackers

A pilot program is getting underway in the Kentucky city this week to test new smoke detector devices developed by members of the local civic technology community.

5 Pop Songs That Can Teach Government Agencies About Launching Mobile Apps

"They heard it through the grapevine is not good marketing," and other lessons pop music can teach us.

Developing Intelligence: All About Metadata

How can we provide information to developers while protecting the privacy and security of individuals?

Chicago’s New Civic Tech Collaboration: Better E. Coli Risk Predictions

Volunteers are helping the Chicago Park District figure out whether there are better analytics models for water contamination hazards at Lake Michigan beaches.

Camden Makes a Better ‘Civic Hacking’ Event With Mapping

Rather than coding, youth hackers in the New Jersey city used story map software and HUD data to analyze pressing city issues.