Virginia Beach Is Using an IoT-Enabled Sensor Network to Predict Flooding in Real Time

Local officials are hoping high-resolution, hydrodynamic models using fluid physics will improve preparedness and response in a low-lying region vulnerable to flooding.

Hawaii Wants All Ground Transportation on 100% Renewable Fuel Sources by 2045

The Aloha State continues to push back against President Trump’s retreat from the Paris Agreement with aggressive climate benchmarks.

Houston's Former Mayor Still Waiting for an 'Adequate' Federal Response to Hurricane Harvey

Plus her thoughts on how the city balances industry with environmental sustainability.

Mayors Gather in Chicago to Sign New International Municipal Climate Charter

"Rather than burying our heads in the sand, Chicago is working with cities across the country and around the world to address the threat of climate change," according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Climate Change Will Bring Major Flooding to New York Every 5 Years

And that’s only counting the floods caused by hurricanes and tropical storms.

Inequality in the Bay Area Makes Preparing for Climate Change Impacts Harder

But a design challenge focused on resiliency currently underway hopes to change that.

How to Build Hurricane-Proof Cities

In the age of climate change, the only way to protect the American coastal metropolis is to rethink it entirely.

States Looking for Bipartisan Solutions on Climate Change Might Consider California

Maintaining an open dialogue and considering the impacts new regulations will have on disparate areas have proven critical to the Golden State’s environmental and economic success.

Northeastern States Plan Aggressive Action to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Iowa’s incentives to lure an Apple data center; good news for a Kansas town lacking a hospital; and an Indiana sheriff “couldn't explain away images of his grabbing and pocketing large wads of cash” during his trial.

The White House Doesn’t Think Sea Level Rise Is Important to U.S. Infrastructure

“It’s deeply fiscally irresponsible to put taxpayer funded facilities at risk like that,” according to Michael Gerrard, director of Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.

What’s Next for Urban Resilience?

WATCH: 100 Resilient Cities’ president weighed in on the coming “era of implementation” at the organization’s recent summit in New York City.

W.Va. Governor: Appalachian Coal Subsidies Are Matter of National Security

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | San Francisco’s needed seawall replacement; North Carolina’s dismal health rankings; and Florida’s high-speed rail line opening delayed.

A Bird’s-Eye View of a Bad Wildfire Season in the West

So far this year, fires have burned 5.2 million acres of land. And it’s only going to get worse.

Annapolis Looks to Keep Its History Above Water

In Maryland’s capital, confronting rising sea levels means considering irreplaceable buildings that are an important part of the city’s heritage and economy.

Climate Adaptation Raises a 'Question of Equity’ for Flagstaff's Mayor

Whether it’s sea level rise or a flood control project in her hometown, Mayor Coral Evans sees climate resilience and environmental sustainability as linked with social issues.

How an ‘Old Retread’ Like Jerry Brown Has Triumphed Over Chris Christie

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: New York prepares to sue feds over possible health care action; Iowa speed-camera lawsuits; and a Florida community is recovering from sinkhole that swallowed two homes.