Should Social Media Be Banned in Prison?

Prison officials fear inmates can use social media to commit crimes. But prisoner advocates say banning its use hampers a successful return to society.

U.S. Adult Incarceration Rate Declines 13 Percent in 8 Years

The share of population behind bars has fallen back to the 1998 level.

Pennsylvania Seeks to Close Two Prisons to Help Alleviate $1.7 Billion Budget Gap

“We’re not in ideal times,” said Corrections Secretary John Wetzel. “If you look at the financial realities, our choices were to reduce staffing and programming, or do this.”

Locked Up for the Holidays

The holiday season can be the toughest time of the year for incarcerated juveniles. In some places, officials are trying to make it a little brighter.

Is Solitary Confinement on the Way Out?

Last year, as many as 100,000 inmates spent time in solitary confinement in federal and state prisons and local jails.

The Need for Jail Management Technology Solutions in Modern Corrections

Expecting facilities and agencies to run efficiently and cost effectively without sophisticated technology in today’s modern criminal justice system is simply unrealistic

In 2016 Elections, Americans Voted to Execute More People

Nebraskans voted to reinstate the death penalty, and Californians voted to speed up their executions.

Why Two States Are at Odds Over the Future of the Death Penalty

Public support for capital punishment has declined in recent years, but the issue continues to be a point of contention, as some advocate for its repeal and others push for its reinstatement.

A U.S. Prison Says Farming is No Longer 'Meaningful' Work for Inmates

The machines are taking over.

Texas Bans 15,000 Books From State Prisons, Including Dante’s “Inferno” and “The Color Purple”

Classics by Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, and Joyce Carol Oates are also on the list.

Hesperia Officials' War on Halfway Houses; Maine Gov. Considers Suing Over Substance Abuse Allegations

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Washington senator thinks Seattle needs 'adult supervision'; Nebraska child welfare cases on the rise; Chicago water tax appears likely to pass

Exploring New Strategies for Criminal Justice System Reform

Since states play a leading role in corrections, governors have an opportunity to promote positive change throughout the criminal-justice system.

New York City Will Arm Prison Guards With Tasers

The move comes after safety complaints from the correctional officers’ union, despite decreases in officer assaults.

Transgender Inmate Sues Over Florida DOC 'Cruelty'; L.A. Wants Airbnb Taxes Now

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Kentucky gov.'s probe allowed to continue; Anchorage fights homelessness; and terminating 250 jobs won't save N.J. city much

Missouri Policy Shows Way to Safely Reducing Probation and Parole Populations

The policy aims to reduce officer caseloads so resources can be directed at those most at risk of re-offending.

Pricey Phone Calls at S.C. County Jail; Is Expanding the Brooklyn Bridge Worth It?

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Iowa's 'moderate' cybersecurity risk; Vermont's 'geographic disparity'; and 'Clock Kid's' family suing Texas school district

Making It Easier for Former Inmates to Work in Los Angeles

The city plans to prohibit some employers from asking job applicants about their criminal record.

Georgia Dept. of Corrections Converts to Intelligence-Led Policing of Inmates

After an FBI investigation revealed trouble within the ranks of prison officers, a new software suite was purchased to catch contraband connections.

Emergency Session for Fla. Prison Crisis?; Bad Transportation Governance in N.J.

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Continued legal trouble for Kim Davis and Portland, Maine’s scooter-riding mayor.

A New Coalition to Lower State and Local Incarceration Rates

Launched by the White House, the Data-Driven Justice Initiative wants to lower prison inmate numbers and increase the number of prisoners receiving health care and mental health services with proven methods.

Prisons, Policing at Forefront of State Criminal Justice Action

In 2016 some states moved to reduce their prison populations while others focused on supporting offenders once they return to their communities and revamping the way police departments interact with the public.

When Prison Is Not the Answer

At the Orange County Community Court, social services are combined with criminal justice.

Fraud Charges for a New York City Union Boss

Norman Seabrook, longtime president of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, was arrested Wednesday.

Got a Criminal Record? It’s Getting Easier, Less Expensive to Expunge It

Many of the 70 million Americans with a record might be eligible to have it expunged but don’t take advantage of the opportunity. Part of the reason is ignorance of the remedies that the laws allow, part of the reason is the cost.

States Bedeviled by Contraband Cellphones in Prisons

Several states want to block cellular signals in prisons and make contraband phones useless to inmates.

Route Fifty Roadmap: Revisiting ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ in North-Central Ohio

In a part of the Buckeye State often overlooked by travelers passing through, you can better understand the physical and budgetary footprints for state prisons through the 1994 movie.

At Rikers Island, a Legacy of Medication-Assisted Opioid Treatment

The Rikers Island jail complex in New York City has the longest-running opioid treatment program in the nation. Only a few other correctional facilities have followed its example.

Inmates in Alaska Locked Up Past Release Dates; Memphis Official Caught With Illegal Power Hookup

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Virginia school system defies Obama on bathrooms; a western Oregon logging ban?; and Dallas neglects city property while still citing violators.

California Let 30,000 People Out of Prison and the Crime Rate Didn’t Change

Overcrowding forced thousands of prisoners to sleep in gyms and other spaces.

New Jersey Courts IT Team Preps for the State’s Landmark Bail Reforms

A predictive computer model is a key part of the overhaul.

Pa. Trims Corrections Costs by Relocating Inmates in Need of Radiation Treatment

Savings are relatively small compared to overall state corrections spending.

The Lawsuit to Keep Virginia's Felons From Voting

The state’s Republican lawmakers said Monday they planned to stop the order to allow more than 200,000 convicted felons the right to vote.

Virginia Governor Ends State's History of Disenfranchisement

Will Terry McAuliffe's move to restore voting rights to felons, which has signaled a new way forward in the commonwealth, last?