Why Prison Health Care Is Integral to Achieving State Goals

Prison health care intersects with key state goals, including meeting constitutional requirements, protecting public safety and reducing recidivism.

Most States Given Lousy Pretrial Justice Grades

New Jersey received the only A. The national average is a D. Comprehensive reform makes the difference.

8 Counties Advance Plans for Jail Reform

"Many of the jurisdictions want to reduce reliance on money bail and make decisions about who should be held pretrial,” according to the MacArthur Foundation’s director of justice reform.

Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration by Keeping Mothers and Children Together

Hoping to combat the high cost of incarceration and break the cycle of children following their parents to prison, some cities have created programs to keep women out of jail and with their children.

‘Ban the Box’ Laws May Be Harming Young Black Men Seeking Jobs

Several recent studies have found that black men, even those without a criminal history, are less likely to get called back or hired after a ban the box law is put in place.

When Prisoners Are a 'Revenue Opportunity'

As jails install systems that let inmates videochat with "visitors" no matter where they may be, it’s private companies that appear to have the most to gain.

The Watchdog Inside the DA's Office

In Philadelphia and other cities, prosecutors have formed “conviction review units”—special teams that reinvestigate cases they may have gotten wrong.

To Reduce Recidivism, States Scrap Barriers for Ex-Offenders

Hoping to make it easier for people leaving prison to re-enter society—and avoid going back—several states enacted laws aimed at helping ex-offenders get jobs, pay off court debt, and access food stamps.

Voters in Louisiana and Oklahoma Strongly Favor Alternatives to Incarceration

Both states considered, one enacted, sentencing and corrections reforms in 2017

A Replacement for Overworked Public Defenders?

Through a suburban Philadelphia program, offenders’ family members learn how to help their criminal defense—and do some of the nitty-gritty work lawyers would typically handle.

A Mental-Health Crisis in Alabama’s Prisons

In a 302-page opinion, a federal judge in Montgomery condemned the dire conditions faced by prisoners with mental illnesses.

Juvenile Justice Reforms in Kansas Show Early Signs of Success

Passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2016, S.B. 367 creates standards to improve juvenile justice system

The Rise of Rural Incarceration

Local jails in smaller counties are seeing enormous growth. A new report explains why.

Seeking Justice: ‘Are We Punishing People for Being Sick?’

Addressing mental health in the criminal justice system, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey outlines a "blueprint for change."

Why Jails Are Booming

A new report from the Prison Policy Initiative shows that the populations of local jails are swelling for reasons that have little to do with crime.

How ‘Raise the Age’ Laws Might Reduce Recidivism

Several states that prosecute 16-year-old offenders as adults are reconsidering that approach.

Prisons Put New Limits on Inmate Visits to Stamp Out Drugs

Some prisons are rolling out new restrictions on inmates in an attempt to stem the flow of drugs. But critics say the policies may not be effective and unfairly target inmates and visitors while ignoring prison staff, who might also be to blame.

Measuring Local Criminal Justice Systems Ahead of Reform

With court data hard to come by, Measures for Justice is working with counties in six states to provide transparency at every step in the process—from arrest to post-resolution.

L.A. County’s Program to Decrease Youth Incarceration

Public works internships teach a trade and skills participants carry with them through life, whether they stay on with the county or not.