How to Begin to Craft Policy Around the Internet of Things

In the rush to make cities smarter, state and local governments have fallen behind on cybersecurity.

How One Law Enforcement Agency Is Using Facial Recognition to Identify Suspects

In Oregon, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department can review 300,000 mugshots in seconds and is helping other agencies to query their databases as well.

Movement to Make Broadband a Public Utility Gains Momentum in Colorado

Front Range communities like Longmont and Fort Collins have been on the front lines of an ongoing battle over improving internet speeds, access and reliability.

Local Governments Scramble to Assess Impacts of Tax Proposals

Whether representing a booming urban center, a ritzy suburb, a steel town struggling for growth, or an overtaxed collar county of Chicago, local officials are concerned about the GOP tax plan.

Smartest Places Emphasize Strategic Public Investments, Tax Reform Proposals Accelerate U.S. Race to the Bottom

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are wasting time and resources to dismantle two core building blocks of the original federal tax code.

Public Health Emergency Declaration Extended in San Diego

While local officials think a deadly hepatitis A outbreak has eased somewhat, they’ve faced challenges in communicating the continuing risk.

As House GOP Prepares to Unveil Tax Bill, Here’s What’s Up With SALT

The odds the legislation will maintain a deduction for state and local income or sales taxes appear unlikely.

How Much Is the State and Local Property Tax Deduction Worth?

House Republicans are set to unveil their tax plan this week. Retaining a deduction for state and local property taxes promises to change the math.

5 Good Reasons Why Local Governments Should Embrace Long-Term Budget Forecasting

There are plenty of reasons why cities and counties focus on short-term fiscal needs. Here are some advantages for those who change that risky mindset.

The Republican Who Left Congress to Drain an Actual Swamp

Former Representative Candice Miller gave up a senior post in the House to manage the drains and sewers of Macomb County, Michigan. She has no regrets.

Why Sonoma County Decided Against Using Mass Alerts Ahead of Deadly Wildfires

Officials feared using the system would do more harm than good.

Chicago Just Repealed Its Brand New Soda Tax

Opponents and advocates spent millions for and against the controversial tax.

California Hepatitis A Outbreak Could Last for Months—Even Years

San Diego County alone has spent over $3 million on prevention efforts.

A Slide in Capital Spending by States and Local Governments

Moody’s cautions that putting off infrastructure investments could lead to a “form of ‘soft’ debt that will compete with pension liabilities and other governmental mandates for funding.”

8 Counties Advance Plans for Jail Reform

"Many of the jurisdictions want to reduce reliance on money bail and make decisions about who should be held pretrial,” according to the MacArthur Foundation’s director of justice reform.

Election Hacks: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Elections expert David Becker explains that amid a national panic, "states and localities have been quietly working to assess election security in 2016 and improve the systems for 2018."

Local Government Officials Buck ‘Big Six’ Tax Reform at the Expense of SALT

With the GOP’s new tax plan the state and local tax deduction many jurisdictions rely on is on the chopping block, prompting concerns about future “double taxation.”

When Local Council Members Test the Limits of Their Authority

In most cases, a city or county’s governing body “doesn’t manage day-to-day operations. That’s management’s job.” But the divisions aren’t always clearly defined.