Justice Department Releases Immigration ‘Naughty List’ After Latest Court Loss

Attorney General Jeff Sessions now considers jurisdictions that prevent law enforcement from inquiring about immigration status in violation of U.S. Code.

The Problem With Electing Prosecutors

The Manhattan district attorney has come under fire for campaign donations he received—one from Harvey Weinstein's lawyer and others from a Trump family attorney.

Will the Supreme Court Unravel Public Employee Unions?

The conservative justices seem eager to deal a fatal blow to one of the major constituencies of the Democratic Party.

Are Medicaid’s Payment Rates So Low They’re Discriminatory?

A suit in California says the state’s Medicaid program pays doctors so poorly, the mostly Hispanic patients that use the program aren’t getting timely access to quality medical care. Lawyers working on the case believe it is the first to sue Medicaid using a state anti-discrimination statute.

What's the Right Punishment for Tearing Down a Confederate Monument?

In Durham, the sheriff and district attorney appear divided over whether civil disobedience deserves greater leniency from the judicial system.

Commentary: Our Work to Reform the Juvenile Justice System Is Not Yet Complete

A trio of practitioners and experts assert “if our collective responsibility is to foster justice and public safety—as we believe it is—we have miles to go before we sleep.”

The Watchdog Inside the DA's Office

In Philadelphia and other cities, prosecutors have formed “conviction review units”—special teams that reinvestigate cases they may have gotten wrong.

State and Local Attorneys Brace for a Workload Increase

Laws keep evolving, budgets keep tightening and more experienced attorneys are ready to retire, making automation that much more important for governments.

Is Sessions’ Dangling of 'Sanctuary City' Funding an Overstep?

The U.S. attorney general followed through on a threat he made in May, showing he’s willing to withhold millions of dollars meant for criminal justice initiatives if it means getting states and localities to enforce federal immigration law.

Iowa Treasurer Wants Senate ‘Scoundrels’ to Pay $2.2M Sexual Harassment Settlement

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: N.J. township nixes Jewish religious boundary; ACLU balks at Maine governor's Facebook use; remembering Talkeetna, Alaska's cat 'mayor'

The Bipartisan Opposition to Sessions's New Civil-Forfeiture Rules

Attorney General Jeff Sessions expanded the controversial police practice on Wednesday by rolling back Obama-era reforms.

‘Bridgegate’ Mastermind Avoids Prison Sentence

Former Chris Christie ally David Wildstein received three years of probation for his involvement in the scandal.

Canines Helping Out in the Courtroom

A growing number of courts across the U.S. are allowing specially trained dogs to accompany child abuse victims and other vulnerable people on the witness stand.

Support Grows for Civil Commitment of Opioid Users

Some judges have been leery of taking away a person’s civil liberties for what society has long perceived as a moral failing.

The Standing Rock Sioux Claim ‘Victory and Vindication’ in Court

A federal judge rules that the Dakota Access pipeline did not receive an adequate environmental vetting.

Why Some Officials Want to Ban Secret Government Settlements

Every year, states spend millions to settle lawsuits under the condition that details of the case remain confidential.

Will the Supreme Court Take Up Cellphone Surveillance?

The U.S. Supreme Court could soon consider whether police can review a cellphone’s whereabouts without a warrant.

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina’s Congressional District Map

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Pittsburgh sours on Uber; Colorado governor signs measure for ‘Rolling Coal’ fines; and Western states see jump in arrests of undocumented immigrants.

The Children Being Denied Due Process

Most states fail to protect minors’ entitlement to counsel.