To Fend Off Hackers, Local Governments Get Help From States

But some city hall leaders say they can’t necessarily rely on states for cyber aid because many are busy trying to deal with their own cyber preparedness.

L.A. Cyber Center Hopes to Be a Model for Cities Nationwide

During the past four years, Los Angeles has centralized its cyber operations using models developed by the federal government and industry sectors.

How to Begin to Craft Policy Around the Internet of Things

In the rush to make cities smarter, state and local governments have fallen behind on cybersecurity.

Homeland Security Told States About Russian Hacking Attempts With a Phone Script

Homeland Security notified state government officials about Russian probing in advance of the 2016 election, but often did not reach out to election officials, many of whom lacked security clearances.

How States and Cities Can Secure the Internet of Things

As we connect more and more devices, governments must keep an active watch on their network.

Cybersecurity Quest Sends States to Vets, Students and Women

Hiring and keeping qualified IT staffers, particularly cybersecurity experts, is a serious problem for states.

Hacker With Bitcoin Ransom Targets Sacramento Regional Transit Data

The transit agency is in the process of recovering 30 million backup files.

House Democrats Eye $400 Million for Election Security

The goal is to replace outdated and unsecured voting machines that lack paper receipts for votes.

Michigan Governor Signs Volunteer Cyber Corps Bill

MiC3 can now step in, when requested, and provide technical assistance if the state gets hit by a cyberattack or data breach.

To Secure Critical State Networks, It’s Time to Follow the Lead of Military and Intel Agencies

As governments connect more infrastructure and data every day, John Minasyan of Belkin International makes the argument for more disconnection.

Illinois Interim CIO Discusses Continuing State’s Ambitious IT Agenda

Kirk Lonbom takes the helm at critical time for Illinois’ revitalized Department of Innovation and Technology.

How Operational Intelligence Is Saving One County Time and Money on Troubleshooting

An IT operations use case has spawned a security use case as well in Hennepin County, and they’re not alone.

DHS: Sharing Election Threat Info With States Won't Be One-Size-Fits-All

As the clock counts down to national elections in 2018 and 2020, Homeland Security is asking top election officials in all 50 states how they’d like to communicate about relevant information security information,

Pa.’s Cybersecurity Team Is ‘Talking About Projects That Actually Enable the Business’

Erik Avakian, Pennsylvania’s chief information security officer, may be a new breed of ‘black swan’: the optimistic cybersecurity professional.

NASCIO: Federal Compliance Exercises Are Hindering State IT

WATCH: Yejin Cooke, NASCIO’s director of government affairs, is getting the word out on why federal data security rules are holding back innovation—and even security itself—at the state level.

The Immediate Need to Close the Daunting Cyber Workforce Gap

States have to think creatively to attract and retain the talent they need to respond to cyberattacks and other threats.

Election Officials Must Embrace IT Personnel to Thwart the Impending Hacker Onslaught

“When it comes to hackers you have to think in terms of an ongoing arms race, which is not very comforting to people in elections,” according to a chief technologist with the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Russian Hacking Fuels Return to Paper Ballots

After Russian hackers targeted state voting systems last year, some officials are renewing their focus on switching to paper ballots, which they say are more secure and leave an audit trail.

State Election Officials Still Angry But Ready to Work With DHS

A conversation about state and federal cooperation on election cybersecurity with Connie Lawson, president of the National Association of Secretaries of State.