3 Takeaways From the American Community Survey

The survey, which is collected over a five-year period is the nation's only source of small-area estimates for socio-economic and demographic data.

Citizen-Centric Technology Means Rethinking Development

NIC’s VP of technology looks ahead to 2018 and explains why state and local CIOs need to move to a "product and platform mentality.”

How One Law Enforcement Agency Is Using Facial Recognition to Identify Suspects

In Oregon, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department can review 300,000 mugshots in seconds and is helping other agencies to query their databases as well.

Midsize Cities Get a New, Free Data Portal Option

Open Data America wants to do for other municipalities what it did in Cary, North Carolina.

Syracuse Mayor Discusses How Tech and Data Intersect on Her City’s Streets

As she prepares to leave office, Stephanie Miner looks back on an innovation-focused municipal agenda and where cities are going in the Trump era.

Boston’s Smarter 3-1-1 System Is Coming

Residents will soon be able to describe their problem in a sentence or less and have case types suggested to them.

Survey of U.S. City Halls Shows Why Quality Census Data Is Vital for Local Governments

A lack of Census Bureau leadership and funding could taint federal data and jeopardize local operations, according to the Sunlight Foundation.

Ohio CIO: Data Analytics ‘The Most Disruptive Thing That We Have Going On’

IoT, autonomous vehicles, or analytics—CIO Stu Davis is thinking about how to handle a future awash in data.

How Tech and Data Boosted Florida’s Response to Irma

Some of the tools and strategies the Sunshine State used to prepare for and recover from a big hurricane.

A City Data Collaborative for the Age of Autonomous Vehicles

ARGO Labs want to do for California public works agencies, what it did for water utilities—prioritize services and, in this case, road repairs.

Getting Ahead of Hurricanes With Data-Driven Evacuation Planning

A growing number of cities are looking to do more with transportation data analytics before disasters strike.

How Hurricane Responders Track People Whose Lives Depend on Power

For people who rely on electricity-dependent machines to maintain their health, power outages are more than a frustration. State and local emergency managers are using data to keep them safe.

Can Data Defeat Gerrymandering?

Increasingly sophisticated mapping platforms have made redistricting easier—but data could also be the key to untangling the problem.

Using Data to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination Around Mental Illness

“There’s a way to start quantifying things we wouldn’t normally capture,” according to San Bernardino County’s chief of behavioral health informatics.

The Trump Voter-Fraud Commission's Data Problem

During its second meeting on Tuesday, the Kris Kobach-led group heard presentations that sometimes followed a circular logic.

From Monitoring the Opioid Epidemic to Intervening

Analytics could help us stem the opioid crisis. We just need to solve a few red tape and data problems.

Openness Is Critical for Smart Cities

Cities need the flexibility to choose solutions that best fit their infrastructure and don’t limit their future options for innovation.