A Blue-Collar Version of Silicon Valley Takes Root in the Midwest

After years in the doldrums, the fortunes of Midwestern metro areas are rising.

The Humble Microbus May Become the Leading Edge of the AV Revolution

“Just the fact that there are number of AV microbus experiments already up and running suggests there is indeed a problem to be solved,” according to tech analyst Mark Rogowsky.

Bipartisan Plan Aims to End One of Michigan’s Dubious Distinctions

Drivers in the Great Lakes State have paid the nation’s highest auto insurance rates, described as “a surcharge on people who have low socioeconomic status.”

Another Good Sign That Detroit Is on the Road to Fiscal Recovery

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Kentucky governor’s calls for agency spending cuts; Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor summer service reductions; and Rhode Island’s “car tax” repeal.

A Spot to Appreciate Just How Far Detroit Has Come

ELGL’s annual conference in underway in the Motor City. Here’s a location where attendees should look skyward.

Route Fifty at SXSW: Our Interview With Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett

“If we have an innovative constituency we need have to make sure that we have an innovative government to match our constituency.”

Powerful Wind Storm Leaves Parts of Michigan in the Dark

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Trump budget may cut billions for HUD state and local grants; best and worst states for gender equality; will Minnesota embrace local government preemption?

‘Service-Delivery Insolvency’ Is Changing Municipal Bankruptcy

Demonstrating that services are dysfunctional could strengthen a local government’s ability to convince a judge that the city is eligible for bankruptcy protection, which sets in motion a court-approved exit plan to reorganize its debts.

Detroit IT Director Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges; ‘Porn Dog’ Deployed in Columbus

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: South Side Chicago food deserts; a new governor’s mansion in North Dakota; and an ‘After School Satan’ program in Portland.

County Executives Foil Vote for Detroit Regional Transit Network

For the umpteenth time, elected officials in Southeastern Michigan fail to cooperate. Can an agreement be saved?

Do Parts of the Rust Belt ‘Need to Die Off’?

Texas A&M's Galen Newman argues that some of America's struggling cities should embrace—and plan around—their decline.

Detroit Is Turning Vacant Lots Into Sponges for Stormwater

When it comes to green infrastructure, the city’s got plenty of parcels to work with.

Tracking Detroit’s Blighted Property Demolitions Like Packages or Pizzas

A newly released online tool has an interactive map that includes information about contracts to take down individual structures.

The Treasury Department Just Awarded Up to $1 Billion to These 12 States and D.C.

Funding is from the so-called Hardest Hit Fund, which is meant to address housing market issues.

Detroit Mini-Park Revitalization Project Looks to Improve Neglected Parcels

The Knight Cities Challenge awards 'Give a Park, Get a Park' proposal a major grant to better manage city resources and work with local property owners.

Knight Cities Challenge Announces $5 Million in Funding for 37 Innovative Projects

Two themes—community revitalization and economic development—comprise more than 50 percent of the second-round winners list.

Mich. Municipal League: State Is ‘Strategically Disinvesting in Our Communities Right Now’

One fiscally distressed city says it is “just one step away from becoming a Flint and a Detroit.”