After Water Contamination Crisis, Sighs of Relief in Corpus Christi

But there are a lot of questions about last week’s incident, involving an asphalt emulsifying agent, Indulin AA-86.

The Creepy Beauty of Flying Over North Dakota Fracking Country at Night

Despite shifts in the global energy market, see how this remote part of the northern Great Plains continues to shine bright from above.

Data Gaps Limit EPA Findings on How Fracking Might Affect U.S. Drinking Water

The agency’s conclusions in a five-year study were knocked by a leading oil and gas industry group and praised by environmental advocates.

Why Cities Should Get Smart About Their Environments

Getting “smart” about environmental monitoring doesn’t just put a city at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, it could also mean life or death for its residents.

Land Cover Data for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Just Got Way Better

New high resolution data for six states and Washington, D.C., is seen as a boon for efforts to cut down on pollutants in the nation’s largest estuary.

GOP Eyes Plan to Eliminate Obama’s National Monuments; California’s Preemptive Move on Immigration

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Restructuring Arkansas’ Medicaid; McCrory’s N.C. state government office building plan; and Denver plans a ‘base camp.’

Congress Passes Environmental Health Laws After States Force its Hand

Pressured by industries that don’t want to deal with a wide array of state restrictions, Congress has stepped in to impose national standards on food labeling, chemical use and plastics in cosmetics.

The Great Eucalyptus Debate in California

The Bay Area is deadlocked in a battle over whether its non-native blue gum trees should be felled or protected.

Energy-Use Benchmarking Can Help Cities Quickly Pursue Climate Change Goals

Stakeholders increasingly see the return on investment that comes with governments regulating energy consumption.

Unfunded or Undone: A Trump Presidency vs. California Policies

Here's a look at Golden State policies that experts say are in jeopardy of being unfunded, undercut or utterly undone.

America's Nuclear-Waste Plan Is a Giant Mess

An explosion caused by cat litter at a storage site in the New Mexico desert was just the beginning.

State and Local Government Elections: Ballot Initiatives We’re Tracking

Beyond races for the White House and Congress, voters across the nation are considering a wide variety of state and local proposals and initiatives. Here’s our rundown of what’s important to watch ...

L.A. Metro Expands Nation’s Largest Clean-Air Bus Fleet With Federal Grant

Compressed natural gas buses have saved Los Angeles County an average of 47 cents per mile on fuel the past 15 years.

Navigator Award Finalists: Stephanie Scafa and Team, City of Eugene, Ore.

The Love Food Not Waste program is gaining traction and serves as a good model for how to build community partnerships to help divert unnecessary food waste from landfills.

The Realities of Sea-Level Rise in Miami's Low-Income Communities

While Miami Beach pours money into adaptation, residents in other parts of the county are waiting for the help they need.

Pity the Plastic Bag: Will Californians Seal Its Fate With a Ban?

In the confounding manner of direct democracy, voters in Golden State will ponder two opposing initiatives, each sponsored by the plastic bag industry—which has spent more than $6 million to put them on the ballot.

EPA Employees Responsible for Colo. Mine Disaster Will Not Face Criminal Charges

An internal EPA report acknowledged employees missed some warning signs and failed to take certain precautions to prevent the spill, but ultimately found the blowout was “likely inevitable” due to built up pressurization.

Why California's Electric Vehicle Plans Are Sputtering Along

A half-dozen years into Gov. Jerry Brown’s futuristic vision of carbon-free transportation, the Golden State is encountering even more potholes along the electric highway—obstacles born from both practicalities and politics.

Flesh-Eating Worms Have Returned to Florida

Increased trade with Cuba might have brought screwworms back to the U.S. after they were eradicated in the states in 1982.

BLM Releases Final California Desert Management Plan

Landmark collaboration to provide landscape-level approach to protecting wildlife habitat

Mayors From 70 Cities Try to Solve the World’s Problems

Do municipalities hold the answers to climate change, terrorism and the global refugee crisis?

Okla. Shutters Disposal Wells Following Big Quake; Ill. Gov. Fires 29 State Transportation Employees

Also in our State and Local Labor Day Weekend Digest: Judges rule Mo. must reveal source of lethal injection drugs; Justice Department to decide whether to retry McDonnell; Scottsdale firefighters wrangle exotic snakes.

A Summer of Drought Troubles in Upstate New York

Ithaca’s primary water supply was within weeks of running dry last month, and farms have been hit hard by unusually dry conditions.

Anti-Zika Mosquito Spraying Kills Millions of Bees in South Carolina County

On the heels of travel-related Zika cases, the county used a spray that’s effective in controlling mosquitos, and highly toxic to bees.

A Tiny Jellyfish Relative Just Shut Down Yellowstone River

The parasite has devastated the whitefish population and is now threatening the trout.

The Vote on the Future of a Native Alaskan Community

Residents of the Inupiat Eskimo village, identified as one of the communities most affected by coastal erosion, brought on by climate change, voted to leave their island for the mainland.

Chicago Wants Its Rivers to Be Swimmable

The city’s new vision for clean and safe waterways is either wishful thinking or incredibly ambitious.

Forests of Fatalities: After 70 Million Tree Deaths, Worst "Still to Come"

Vast tracts of the California landscape have become a botanical emergency room.

Plastic Bag Tax Pits Ariz. State Sen. vs. City; Citizen’s Police Academy Roleplaying Tragedy

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Houston’s pensions nightmare; federal legal fight with energy utility in Montana; and hazardous train derails in Kentucky town.

Florida Wildlife Agency: Don’t Paint Turtles or Tortoises

Authorities are trying to discourage people from engaging in a practice that is harmful to the shelled reptiles, and can be illegal under Florida state law.

Climate Retreat in California? Legislature Could Ditch Plan to Radically Cut Emissions

S.B. 32, which sets ambitious targets to cut planet-warming emissions by 2030, faces a critical deadline with the Legislature set to wrap up for the year on Aug. 31.

Big Fight Over a Major Texas Landfill Project; Tourism Worries in Miami Due to Zika

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Nursing home deaths in Pennsylvania; police body camera transparency in Wyo.; and Cape Cod water concerns.

Protect Wolves or Hunt Them? Western States Are in the Crosshairs

Western states like Washington are walking a line between preserving wolves as an endangered species and helping ranchers control them.