De-energized Power Lines Can’t Spark Wildfires

It’s a simple strategy: Let technology tell you exactly when to cut power in weather conditions that can fuel a major blaze. But utilities and regulators still have to learn how to do it right.

Santa Ana Winds Fuel Quickly Moving Fire in Southern California

After an already difficult year across the West, dangerous fire weather conditions continue in parts of the Golden State.

Spending on State and Local Environment and Interior Programs Spared Big Cuts in Senate Plan

But there aren’t huge boosts in the appropriations proposal either for programs that are significant for states and localities.

California Wildfires Threaten Wine Industry

Businesses that account for the majority of Napa County’s economic output and employ almost half its workers by the thousands are at risk.

Rethinking Hazard Mapping After Wildfires Entered Urban Areas Thought to Be ‘Unburnable’

Local officials across the West should pay attention to what happened to one devastated neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California.

FirstNet Seeks Disaster Response Apps

The goal is to “tap into the expertise and creativity of the developer community to drive innovation for public safety," according to the public safety telecommunications network's CEO.

Why Sonoma County Decided Against Using Mass Alerts Ahead of Deadly Wildfires

Officials feared using the system would do more harm than good.

Diablo Winds Fuel Massive Wildfires in California Wine Country

An already bad wildfire season in Western states just got even worse.

New Mexico’s CIO on FirstNet: ‘The Pressure Is On Now’

WATCH: The state’s IT secretary, Darryl Ackley, discusses the huge decisionpoint for states on building a nationwide public safety broadband network, and his focus on “trying to future-proof” his agency.

Wildfires Put State Budgets Under Pressure

The federal government spent more than $2 billion on fires from Florida to Washington this year. States spend untold millions more.

2017’s Destructive Wildfire Season Sets New Record

STATE AND LOCAL WEEKEND ROUNDUP | Unrest and arrests continue in St. Louis; Texas prisoners added to federal lawsuit; and another wake-up call for vulnerable South Carolina communities.

Harvey Aid Bill Also Aims to Ease Financial Pressure for Agencies Fighting Wildfires

Firefighting costs are expected to exceed budgeted amounts by about $300 million this year.

This Wildfire Season Underscores the Importance of Federal Forest Payments

A Montana county board chairman says it's time for Congress to institute “mandatory, long-term funding” for counties with federal lands within their borders.

Coast to Coast, State and Local Teams Swarm to Texas Storm Zone

State-based FEMA task forces and local volunteers bring experience, expertise, equipment to help victims of historic Harvey catastrophe.

FirstNet ‘Early Builders’ Face Big Test During Texas Flood Disaster

Harris County and the Texas state government are testing out the nationwide public safety communications network.

Deadline Looms for Nation’s Broadband Network for First Responders

Although each state has unique issues they wish to see addressed, there are some common challenges affecting all states that require clarification and should be resolved before the release of the final state plans.

Wildfires Cloak Pacific Northwest in Smoky Haze as Fire Threats Increase

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | L.A.’s structural deficit; N.C.’s attorney general forced to slash 10% of staff; and a “notable lack of hellfire” from satanist at city council meeting.

The Very Real Dangers of Building in the Wildland-Urban Interface

In central Oregon, the city of Bend and Deschutes County are no strangers to big wildfires. But building more fire-resilient communities isn’t always easy.

A Bird’s-Eye View of a Bad Wildfire Season in the West

So far this year, fires have burned 5.2 million acres of land. And it’s only going to get worse.