Governors Press for Exemptions From Expanded Offshore Drilling

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has gone silent after excluding Florida from a draft lease sales plan, but letters criticizing that decision’s “arbitrary” nature keep coming in.

Florida Is Off the Offshore Drilling Expansion Table. Now Other States Want Off Too.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s new exemption for the Sunshine State will likely lead to lawsuits over its arbitrary nature.

Trump Administration Eyes as ‘Much as Possible’ for Expanded Offshore Drilling

A number of state and local officials are opposing the leasing of previously protected waters.

These Cities Have the Nation’s Top-Ranked Real Estate Markets

A new report from the Urban Land Institute and PwC shows that compared to the biggest markets, smaller-sized cities are surging.

U.S. Senate Passes $36.5 Billion Disaster Aid Bill

The legislation will next go to the White House for President Trump's signature.

Two City Leaders Reflect on Hurricane Response and Recovery

“You can complain about government 364 days of the year,” according to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said. “But on that one day that you need us to be at our best, we better be at our best.”

How Tech and Data Boosted Florida’s Response to Irma

Some of the tools and strategies the Sunshine State used to prepare for and recover from a big hurricane.

Why It’s Hard to Punish ‘Bad Samaritans’

Thousands attended a funeral for Jamel Dunn, a Florida man who drowned in a pond while teens recorded and mocked him. Lawmakers in Florida and Arizona now want to make it illegal to not try to help someone in an emergency.

Florida’s Largest City Faces ‘Trifecta’ of Problems as Irma Exits the State

The hurricane swamped Jacksonville with flooding said to be the worst in 100 years.

More Than 10 Million People Lost Power in Florida

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, the electrical grid in the southwest part of the state will need a “wholesale rebuild.”

Why a Hurricane Like Irma Poses a Particular Challenge to Florida

The storm’s enormous size, spanning both coasts of the state, could slow the rescue and recovery efforts, officials warned on Sunday.

Disaster Risk and Economic Growth Create Uncomfortable Questions for Civic Boosters

ANALYSIS: Suitors seeking Amazon’s 2nd headquarters should ask themselves: How resilient is their city or region?

As Hurricane Irma Heads North, Officials Urge Floridians to Stay Put

Storm surge swamps low-lying areas as high winds cut power to millions and damage buildings across the Sunshine State.

When Hurricane Warnings Are Lost in Translation

With Irma looming, organizations are hitting some roadblocks in getting information out to Floridians who don’t speak English.

As Irma Advances on Florida, County Leaders Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best

“We are much better positioned as a county today to respond to these types of events than we ever have been,” Pinellas County’s assistant administrator said amid the preparations.

‘Every Weather Update Brings More Bad News’ for Florida

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Montana’s ‘worst ever’ drought; a new police chief in Dallas; and a Styrofoam ban proposal in Honolulu.

State and Local Agencies Prepare as Hurricane Irma Threatens Florida in Coming Days

As forecasters await more definite consensus on where the storm is going, emergency managers across the Southeast should be preparing for another major hurricane.

2 Florida State Employees Fired Over Missing a Critical Federal Deadline

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Chinese investors vs. South Dakota; legal victory for Minneapolis mayor; and a conservative state network targets employee unions for “mortal blow.”