Rule Change Would Help Low-Level Offenders in Atlanta

Critics, including the city’s mayor, have pointed to the role cash-bail plays in sustaining a two-tiered system of justice.

The High Costs of Atlanta’s Massive Airport Power Outage

As the general manager of the world’s busiest air hub vows to fix redundancy and communication problems, Delta Airlines plans to seek tens of millions in compensation.

Voting Systems Used in Georgia Prompt Lawsuit to Void Special Election Results

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Getting rid of 26,000 tons of highly flammable fiber waste in a Maine town; Portland, Ore., police disband horse-mounted unit; and overlapping local ID programs in Illinois.

Building a Sustainable ‘Highway of the Future’

A Georgia highway would create its own clean, renewable energy and generate income by selling power to utility companies, with a goal of producing no pollution and no traffic deaths.

Doing Less Time: Some States Cut Back on Probation

Georgia is among several states that are looking to reduce the time that offenders spend on probation to help them successfully re-enter society.

How the I-85 Collapse in Atlanta Could Be an Opportunity

The structural failure of a busy section of interstate highway in Georgia’s car-reliant largest capital city could have a silver lining.

Major Fire in Atlanta Causes Interstate Highway Bridge to Collapse

Drivers in and around Georgia’s largest city are going to face difficult commutes “for the foreseeable future.”

N.J. State Takeover of Atlantic City; Wildfires in Southeast States Cause Hazy Conditions

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: EPA Consent Agreement With City in Texas Florida; Keys Mosquito study divides voters; Baltimore’s progressive city council.

Weighing a Decision Whether to Stay or Go

As state and local officials urge residents in vulnerable areas to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew, some are deciding to ride it out. And that’s “a headache” for first responders.

Hurricane Matthew to Test Resiliency of Utility and Communications Systems

As utility workers are mobilized to restore service knocked out by the storm, this real-life emergency scenario will test investments in stronger infrastructure and response.

How to Keep Key Talent Attracted to State Workforces

Employees are an investment, even if they are short term, a reality state CIOs must accept.

Georgia Dept. of Corrections Converts to Intelligence-Led Policing of Inmates

After an FBI investigation revealed trouble within the ranks of prison officers, a new software suite was purchased to catch contraband connections.

The KKK and the 'Adopt-A-Highway' Lawsuit

Georgia’s highest court allowed a lawsuit by a KKK chapter to move forward, setting the stage for a trial.

Why One City Is Helping Residents Hang Their Hammocks

Columbus, Georgia, is a model for deploying a cost-effective, placemaking idea.

Georgia Gov. Will Veto ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill; Indicted Texas Mayor Has Big Election Dreams

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Alaska volcano erupts; Ohio mayor’s strange dispute with neighbor; and Chicago aldermen vs. Mayor Emanuel.

The Business Backlash Against 'Religious Liberty' Legislation

A coalition of corporations is threatening to boycott Georgia if the state’s governor signs a bill that would limit protections for the gay and lesbian community.

Data Reveal Progress on Online Voter Registration in These States

Here's how states are trying to maximize efficiency for election officials and facilitate the registration process for voters.

Fewer Manufacturing Jobs, Housing Bust Haunt Many U.S. Counties

A new Stateline analysis shows that in more than one-third of U.S. counties, the inflation-adjusted median income has dropped by 10 percent or more since 2000.