The Vital Role of Social Media in the Eye of the Storm

Five communications lessons one hospital learned during Hurricane Harvey.

While Harvey’s Floodwaters Have Receded, the Health Risks Linger

From overwhelmed sewage infrastructure to inundated industrial sites, the disaster’s impacts loom weeks after the record-setting storm left Texas.

Houston Mayor Seeks to Hike Taxes to Pay for Flood Recovery

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Maine’s governor vs. Native American tribes; “bikini barista” lawsuit filed in Washington state; and multi-state diarrhea outbreak linked to puppy sales.

Disaster Risk and Economic Growth Create Uncomfortable Questions for Civic Boosters

ANALYSIS: Suitors seeking Amazon’s 2nd headquarters should ask themselves: How resilient is their city or region?

In Natural Disasters, States Lend Each Other a Hand

Nationwide mutual assistance compact promises aid from neighbors.

How Transit Can Speed Houston's Recovery

Yes, the city does have a mass transit system. And it will need it.

Local Officials in Houston Area Fear Higher Numbers From Texas Flood Impacts

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | L.A. can breathe a sigh of relief, for now; S.C. governor releases “top secret” report on failed nuclear project; and Alaska’s largest needle-exchange sees growing demand.

Harvey Recovery Efforts Will Take Years. Fixing Flood Insurance Shouldn’t.

When Congress returns to work next week, the task of debating and reauthorizing the National Flood Insurance Program, which expires at the end of September.

The Invisible Toll of Trauma and Stress From Storms Like Harvey

Research on Hurricane Katrina survivors shows that the mental health impact of a catastrophe of this scale will likely linger for years to come.

Harvey's Costs 'May Blow Katrina Out of the Water'

The government is aiming to publish its initial damage estimate on Oct. 6. In the meantime, the ballpark figure is staggering.

The Looming Consequences of Breathing Mold

Flooding means health issues that unfold for years.

Coast to Coast, State and Local Teams Swarm to Texas Storm Zone

State-based FEMA task forces and local volunteers bring experience, expertise, equipment to help victims of historic Harvey catastrophe.

FirstNet ‘Early Builders’ Face Big Test During Texas Flood Disaster

Harris County and the Texas state government are testing out the nationwide public safety communications network.

Houston Metro Adapts Winter-Weather Tactic to Save Its Buses From Harvey’s Flooding

A smart action by a transit agency is hailed as “a good move” during tropical storm.

National Weather Service: Texas Flooding Is ‘Beyond Anything Experienced’

Emergency managers and officials are keeping a watchful eye on flood crests along rivers and high water levels in bayous and creeks.

Using Twitter to Save a Newborn From a Flood

Search and rescue is evolving fast in the social-media age.

With Harvey Parked Over Texas, Life-Threatening Flooding Will Continue in Houston

Prolonged rainfall will continue through Thursday, stranding residents in the nation’s fourth most-populous city, turning some freeways into rivers and flooding some areas that have never seen high water.

What 35 Inches of Rain Can Dredge Up

Hurricane Harvey’s unusual path could hit Houston with rain and storm surges at the same time—surfacing gators, snakes, sewage, and coffins.

Texas Awaits ‘Devastating and Life Threatening’ Flooding

With Hurricane Harvey forecasted to stall inland, some isolated areas could see as much as 30 inches of rain in the coming days.