Chicago’s Hands-On Approach to Innovation Accelerators

More so than maybe any other city government, the nation’s third-largest city is heavily invested in testing startups’ urban technology.

O’Hare Airport Strike Looms in Chicago; Will McCrory Concede N.C. Gov. Race?

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Tennessee wildfire costs mount; energy-use data sharing in Pittsburgh; and federal court’s bottle water delivery order appealed in Michigan.

Airbnb Hosts vs. Chicago Regulations; County Pays Cyberattack Ransom

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Good grades for Kansas City schools; Milwaukee County’s wheel tax; and ‘gag order’ in Pittsburgh?

The Next Fight to Expand Voting Has Already Begun

Before the 2016 race ends, advocates for automatic registration are already eyeing new efforts in Illinois, Nevada, and elsewhere.

A Lesson in Urban Design: Educate Your Residents Before the Ribbon Cutting

The first “shared street” in Chicago is befuddling some of its users.

Chicago Teachers Strike Averted; Kentucky Confronts Lexington’s Panhandling Ban

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Oso landslide legal settlements in Washington state; Oklahoma failed to obligate disaster recovery funds; and an Oregon county challenges state over dam.

Chicago Teacher Strike Looms; Harrisburg Police Drone Accused of Spying

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Uber and Lyft back in legal limbo in Philly; Ohio considers voting to abolish state agencies; Wyoming replaces state license plates

A Cold Turn In Chicago’s Effort to Combat Rats

The city looks to add dry ice to its rodent control arsenal.

Navigator Award Finalist: Michael Murphy and Team, Sangamon County Citizens’ Efficiency Committee

Through careful research and thoughtful discussion, this advisory body is helping county and local governments figure out ways to tackle tough challenges.

Navigator Award Finalist: Derek Eder and Christopher Whitaker, Chi Hack Night

It’s not easy to host a weekly event to encourage civic engagement.

We Need More Young Voices in Government Decisions

When those who will inherit public issues and take the reins of power are disengaged, we have a problem. Chicago is trying to change that.

Recent State Voter Registration System Cyberattacks Prompt FBI Alert

But the "election process isn’t really at great risk from what happened with this hack,” according to the general counsel of the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The Autopsy Report in a Chicago Police Shooting

The city's medical examiner’s office has confirmed that an officer shot Paul O’Neal, an unarmed black man, in the back as he fled.

Chicago Wants Its Rivers to Be Swimmable

The city’s new vision for clean and safe waterways is either wishful thinking or incredibly ambitious.

Rod Blagojevich's Unchanged Prison Sentence

The former Illinois governor will remain in prison for his 14-year sentence.

Pennsylvania, Illinois Budget Fights Hold Lessons for Other States

Does protecting critical services from harm prolong budget fights?

Minority Neighborhoods Benefit From Shared Mobility Systems

Chicago is expanding its bikeshare program into disadvantaged communities, increasing cost-effective access to jobs and educational opportunities.

The State of the States on Naturalization: Highlights from California, Illinois, and Washington

Case studies of California, Illinois, and Washington illustrate the different approaches states have taken to support the naturalization process.

The Limits of Chicago's Back-to-the-City Movement

Although the city has gained some young, educated white residents, it continues to lose minorities and families with children to the suburbs.

Chicago’s New Civic Tech Collaboration: Better E. Coli Risk Predictions

Volunteers are helping the Chicago Park District figure out whether there are better analytics models for water contamination hazards at Lake Michigan beaches.

New State-by-State GDP Gains and Losses Released

The states with the largest economies based on real GDP in 2015 are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Chicago Releases Hundreds of Videos of Police Violence

The city’s police union does not seem happy.

High-Profile Cases Spur States to Reconsider Statutes of Limitations for Rape

It can take years for sexual abuse victims to find the courage to come forward, and police departments across the country are still digging through a backlog of rape kits, some of which are three decades old.

Chicago’s Bloody Weekend; Seattle Monitors Portland’s Homeless Camps

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: NYC bars must serve pregnant women; Flint’s mayor may have wanted relief funds for campaign; New Mexico teachers can criticize standardized tests again.

Dennis ‘Hastert’ Mix-Up Frustrates Officials in Neighboring Chicago Suburbs

Angry residents are demanding that “Hassert” Boulevard be renamed and one mayor has taken a big step to clear up the confusion.

An Illinois County Provides Model to Get a Pill-Disposal Program Up and Running

Lake County knew that preventing prescription drugs from getting into a water supply or the wrong hands is important. And it got help from Walgreens in its prescription turn-in efforts.

Can Hands-On Civics Heal Chicago?

Students gain more than just an understanding of civics when they dive into the laws of their city.

Chicago State University Close to Shutting Down; Florida’s Heroin Crisis Epicenter

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Colorado’s sexting legislation; Honolulu’s loud electronic restroom warnings; Hartford’s troubled finances.

Fitch Downgrades Rating on Chicago Debt to One Notch Above Junk

The move by the ratings agency comes after the Illinois Supreme Court last week ruled against a law aimed at reining in public employee pension liabilities.

State and Local Daily Digest: Uber and Lyft Drivers Owe Chicago $15 Million; Richmond Budget Woes

Also in our news roundup: Florida sea-level rise report; arsenic contamination in Texas; and all electronic prescriptions in New York state.

The Folly of State-Level Tax Cuts

In a strong national economy, places like Louisiana, Illinois, and Oklahoma are nevertheless struggling. Why?

Why Small Cities and Counties Rarely Merge

Although the consolidation of jurisdictions can streamline services and achieve cost savings, a combination of history, politics and pride can be big stumbling blocks.

Cities Will Soon Be Able Deploy Chicago’s Geographic Information System With a Simple Click

OpenGrid is coming to Amazon’s marketplace in the near future.