The President of Everywhere, USA

We asked South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg about a recent Politico headline, automation and much more at SXSW.

#MeToo Movement Fuels a 1970s Comeback: The ERA

Nevada last year became the 36th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, meaning that supporters need only two more states to reach the 38 required to add the ERA to the U.S. Constitution. Before Nevada, the last state to ratify was Indiana in 1977.

Seema Verma: Medicaid Work Requirements Are ‘True Compassion’

Now that the Trump administration has approved work requirement waivers in two states—Kentucky and Indiana—as many as 11 more could follow.

Payday-Lending Lobbyists Swarm Indiana Statehouse

In the Obama era, the industry turned to state lawmakers to make its case. That strategy doesn’t seem to be changing.

SWAMP Act Would Use Bidding Process to Push Federal Agency HQs Outside D.C.

“There’s no reason why the Department of Agriculture has to be in the District of Columbia when it could be located in Indiana or another heartland state,” according to Indiana Congressman Luke Messer.

Gay Couples Fight to Be Included on Birth Certificates

Lesbian couples in Indiana and Arkansas that have used artificial insemination say they should be treated like heterosexual couples on birth certificates, with both the biological mother and her spouse listed as parents.

Indiana County Returns Artifacts Taken From Tribal Graves

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Kentucky’s AG threatens lawsuit over education board reorganization; an obscure Texas election code; and Minnesota’s meth problem.

A Republican Mayor’s Efforts to Tame Suburban Sprawl in His Community

Carmel, Indiana, Mayor Jim Brainard, who has built a lot of traffic roundabouts, has reservations about the Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal.

Why Some States Are Making Short-Term Training Free

Officials in Indiana and Kentucky say college scholarships for occupational training programs will help fill open jobs.

What South Bend’s Mayor Discussed With Facebook’s CEO During a Special Driving Tour

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Minneapolis mayor vs. police chief; Texas pension disagreement; and venomous spiders move north into Michigan.

Redefining the First Responder: Reducing Readmission with Proactive Paramedicine

In a guest article, the fire and emergency services chief in Fishers, Ind., discusses how his department is “at the crossroads of public safety, public health and public service.”

Making It Easier for Public Fleets to Adopt Use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

So long as state and local governments are willing to get creative with funding mechanisms, a two-to-three year return on investment is easily attainable, National Association of Regional Councils environment committee members discussed on Monday.

A Cautionary Case Study for Governors Looking to Defund Planned Parenthood

What are state governments doing to prevent a repeat of a public health crisis like the one that’s hobbled Scott County, Indiana?

Indiana’s Medicaid Experiment May Reveal Obamacare’s Future

The state’s health-care system was expanded under the Affordable Care Act. Now, it may serve as a model nationwide.

GOP Has Strong Showing in Gubernatorial Races

Republican candidates win in Ind., Mo., N.H., Utah and Vt.; Democrats win in W.Va. and Wash.; N.C. too close to call.

Navigator Award Finalists: Jim Sparks and Team, Indiana Geographic Information Office

Leading a state effort to successfully aggregate datasets from all of Indiana’s 92 counties.

Navigator Award Finalists: Jim Landers and Team, Indiana Legislative Service Agency

Leading the way to evaluate the costs and benefits of economic development tax credits.

Can Public Art Solve Pressing Urban Issues?

Mayors are using an unusual tool to address issues like environmental stewardship and public safety: public art.