Why Local Government Is More Innovative, But Also Gets More Blame

Philanthropies and the private sector are assuming more risk associated with infrastructure projects in lieu of much-needed federal funding.

18 Projects Across 6 Cities to Benefit From Gigabit Internet Grants

Mozilla is backing robotics as well as augmented and virtual reality efforts boosting education and workforce development in Austin and elsewhere.

City Leaders’ Support for Uber and Its Fellow Disruptors Exceeds Actual Partnerships

Lingering negative perceptions about the sharing economy, due to its tumultuous beginnings, are giving way with time and data, according to a new National League of Cities survey.

Innovation and Urban Inequality Go Hand in Hand

A new study finds a correlation between the number of patents a city produces and economic segregation within its limits.

An App for Citizens (or Health Inspectors) Frustrated With Finding Food Trucks

In an effort to resolve a government health code problem, they also found a way to empower businesses and citizens.

Drone Delivery Is One Step Closer With Trump Pilot Program

“The result of these regulations on our nation’s most innovative companies has been to force their programs overseas," according to the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Why Nerds and Nurses Are Taking Over the U.S. Economy

A blockbuster report from government economists forecasts the workforce of 2026—a world of robot cashiers, well-paid math nerds, and so (so, so, so) many healthcare workers.

These Days, ‘We Aren’t Innovating in Isolated Business Parks’

“Smart, long-term bets” are vital for economic development, according to Bruce Katz, centennial scholar at the Brookings Institution. And those bets are best when clustered in revitalizing cities.

‘Big Ideas for Cities’ to Spotlight Inclusive Practices

Mayors are increasingly concerned with income, transportation and housing disparities affecting minority communities.

New Special Report: Insights and Ideas for Smart Cities

Dispatches from our coverage of the tools, strategies and systems fueling tech- and data-driven innovation in city governments.

Smart Cities Are Great. Human-centric Cities Are (Again) the Future

These days, huge capital investments are no longer required to put cities on the map.

San José Innovation Challenge Leads to Graffiti-Cleaning Drone

The next round of the contest will look at how the city can improve the way it orders evacuations ahead of serious flooding.

Transforming Cities and the Need to Create ‘Greater Capacity for Change’

In a contributed Q&A, Anchorage’s chief innovation officer discusses the What Works Cities program and Code for America with Jennifer Pahlka, CfA’s founder and executive director.

What’s Next for Urban Resilience?

WATCH: 100 Resilient Cities’ president weighed in on the coming “era of implementation” at the organization’s recent summit in New York City.

In Government, ‘Failure Is Just an Opportunity to Learn’

Public policy makers in Colorado consider a second round of pathbreaking entrepreneurial-style problem-solving pitches.

Las Vegas Begins Its Smart City Push

Starting with sensors at 10 intersections, Nevada’s largest city plans to grow out its IoT infrastructure and data-gathering operation to encompass its entirety by 2025.

The Return of the Mayors Challenge

It’s back in the U.S. for its fourth iteration and bigger than ever, having been folded into Bloomberg Philanthropies’ new $200 million American Cities Initiative.