Buying Into the Internet of Things

States need to be smart and strategic when purchasing connected devices, according to Alaska's chief procurement officer.

Utah’s Cloud Flexibility Welcomes Innovative IoT and AI Solutions

In an interview with Route Fifty, state CIO Mike Hussey discusses rural broadband and lingering “last mile” challenges.

Spokane Pursues Smart City Goals With Collaborative Approach

Urbanova is a living lab set in the heart of the 770-acre University District near downtown to "pilot technologies while testing what creates value and how economical they are."

The Internet of Things Is Totally Unregulated and That Might Have to Change

As more “machine to machine” connections go online there will be even less manual oversight of connected devices, meaning greater potential for their hijacking and abuse.

The Dream of a Fully Connected Future Is Starting to Look Like a Nightmare

Gadgets connecting the Internet of Things, or IoT, haven’t been designed with the robust security we now take for granted on our phones and laptops

‘Internet of Things’ Brings New IT Challenges for State Governments

As the number of sensors being deployed continues to soar, there are important data storage, security and analysis needs to consider. “Start the learning curve now,” says Michigan’s deputy chief security officer.

Building the Digital Enterprise: Intelligent Lighting Isn’t Just for Cities

Individual sensor deployments are useful and are helping businesses to optimize their operations. But also, like in cities, they have significant drawbacks.

Groundwork for a Connected Vehicle Pilot Program in Tampa Forges Ahead

“This is the next paradigm shift in transportation,” says one official helping to lead up the program.

NASCIO: States Should Be Laying Groundwork for the Internet of Things

“Before long we won’t be talking about IoT, it will just be the way we do business,” according to a new policy brief.

How Cities Are Leading the Way on Infrastructure Innovation

“While states weren’t looking, our cities became better governed, better managed places,” said Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore.

Austin Joins Mozilla’s Growing ‘Hive’ of Gigabit Cities

Kansas City, Missouri, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, have already seen municipal services and Web literacy benefit from the Gigabit Community Fund’s grants.

The Internet of Things and Cities: A Billion Points of Policy

Before diving in head first into the world of IoT, local governments seriously consider some of the potential risks when it comes to critical matters like cybersecurity.

5 Questions for the People Building the LinkNYC Kiosk Network

Intersection’s Chief Innovation Officer talks about working with Google’s Sidewalk Labs, introducing cities to disruptive tech, and upcoming transit and Internet of Things pilots in New York City and elsewhere.

Is Your State Prepared for a Cyberattack on Top of a Natural Disaster?

NASCIO doesn’t think so, so it’s developed a government response planning guide for cyber disruptions.

Virginia’s New IT Procurement Vehicle Paves the Way for the ‘Internet of Things’

Agency flexibility from the state to local levels is key to adopting new technologies and attracting a younger workforce, says Verizon’s Maggie Hallbach.

The Internet of Things Bolsters New Orleans’ Emergency Dispatch System

Agency data streams used to be disparate, but now they’re on the same interface.

Smart Cities Pushing Public Wi-Fi Must Be Mindful of Overcrowding Frequencies

Cell carriers’ new LTE-U technology could further strain broadband’s open spectrum, barring FCC regulation or the establishment of agreed-upon industry standards.

San José’s Innovation Agenda Will Hinge on the Internet of Things

Starfish, a new smart city network, will be demonstrated in the heart of Silicon Valley.