Cloud Is Ascendant in State Government

A survey of state CIOs show that while security remains the top priority, state tech execs are increasingly focusing on cloud solutions and prioritizing digital government services.

How States and Cities Can Secure the Internet of Things

As we connect more and more devices, governments must keep an active watch on their network.

Hacker With Bitcoin Ransom Targets Sacramento Regional Transit Data

The transit agency is in the process of recovering 30 million backup files.

Running an IT Enterprise Like a Baseball Team Owner

Virginia CIO Nelson Moe is helping the Commonwealth turn the page and reinvent its IT infrastructure.

Michigan Governor Signs Volunteer Cyber Corps Bill

MiC3 can now step in, when requested, and provide technical assistance if the state gets hit by a cyberattack or data breach.

To Secure Critical State Networks, It’s Time to Follow the Lead of Military and Intel Agencies

As governments connect more infrastructure and data every day, John Minasyan of Belkin International makes the argument for more disconnection.

Illinois Interim CIO Discusses Continuing State’s Ambitious IT Agenda

Kirk Lonbom takes the helm at critical time for Illinois’ revitalized Department of Innovation and Technology.

Buying Into the Internet of Things

States need to be smart and strategic when purchasing connected devices, according to Alaska's chief procurement officer.

States Are Leading the Move Toward Mobile Government

As agencies are increasingly focused on making their services more convenient, transparent and accessible, there's been a major uptick in mobile applications.

Washington State's CIO on the Impending ‘Sea Change’ in Purchasing Government IT

WATCH: As Michael Cockrill leaves public service, he reflected with Route Fifty on rebranding ‘public service’ and how purchasing IT is fundamentally changing.

NASCIO: Federal Compliance Exercises Are Hindering State IT

WATCH: Yejin Cooke, NASCIO’s director of government affairs, is getting the word out on why federal data security rules are holding back innovation—and even security itself—at the state level.

Hoosier State’s CIO Discusses Delivering a ‘Great Service to the Citizens of Indiana at a Great Value’

WATCH: Dewand Neely may not have intended to start a career in government, but has found a calling in helping deliver citizen-centric services and solve some of the nation’s most difficult problems.

Michigan’s CIO on Leadership and Mission

WATCH: As he returns to his home state, Dave DeVries discusses taking a leadership role in state government after a prestigious federal IT career.

The Immediate Need to Close the Daunting Cyber Workforce Gap

States have to think creatively to attract and retain the talent they need to respond to cyberattacks and other threats.

Election Officials Must Embrace IT Personnel to Thwart the Impending Hacker Onslaught

“When it comes to hackers you have to think in terms of an ongoing arms race, which is not very comforting to people in elections,” according to a chief technologist with the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Annual State CIO Survey Shows a Continued Shift Away From Mainframes

Cloud computing has made many state’s assess their legacy applications and systems.

If States Are Going to Be Agile, CIOs Need to Get Their Workforces Onboard

“If agile is going to work, it’s going to be because of the team, not the management,” according to Denis Goulet, New Hampshire’s CIO and Department of Information Technology commissioner.

What’s Procurement Got to Do With IT?

Through the efforts of their national associations, state CIOs and procurement officers are learning how to read from the same sheet music.

State CIOs Set to Take Center Stage in Austin

A look at the association representing state government IT executives ahead of their meeting in Texas’ capital city next week.