L.A. Cyber Center Hopes to Be a Model for Cities Nationwide

During the past four years, Los Angeles has centralized its cyber operations using models developed by the federal government and industry sectors.

De-energized Power Lines Can’t Spark Wildfires

It’s a simple strategy: Let technology tell you exactly when to cut power in weather conditions that can fuel a major blaze. But utilities and regulators still have to learn how to do it right.

Los Angeles Is Ready for the Next Mobility Revolution

The city was shaped by the streetcar and was an early adopter of the automobile. What comes next?

More Tidbits Surface on Elon Musk’s Advancing Tunneling Operation

Making his vision for a system of near-frictionless transport tubes a reality still requires things like permitting.

L.A. Metro Seeks Private Partner to Test Uber-Like, On-Demand Transit Service

Navigation software will determine the path the "micro-transit" vehicles will take, based on factors like traffic conditions and requests for pick-ups and drop-offs.

A City Data Collaborative for the Age of Autonomous Vehicles

ARGO Labs want to do for California public works agencies, what it did for water utilities—prioritize services and, in this case, road repairs.

UCLA Notifies 32,000 Students of Cyberattack

The hacked server housed personal information including names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, health insurance IDs and some medical information supplied by the students.

Los Angeles Will Get a Third Shot at the Summer Olympics

The city has until 2028 to figure out how to host the games without losing a bundle, as nearly all modern host cities have done.

Arkansas Tops Most Other States When It Comes to This Connectivity Metric

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Bulletproof glass for a Georgia city hall; Indianapolis revenge shootings; and a small town closes a big legal loophole in its municipal code.

Parched Valley’s Eminent Domain Fight Over Thirsty L.A.’s Century-Old Land Grab

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What’s the ‘Most Impactful Thing’ Trump Will Do for Infrastructure?

At the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual meeting, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke with the White House’s point person on infrastructure about the need for federal grants to incentivize innovation and maintenance.

Seeking Justice: ‘Are We Punishing People for Being Sick?’

Addressing mental health in the criminal justice system, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey outlines a "blueprint for change."

L.A. Is Ready to Build Even More Transit. But There’s Always a But.

Projects like completing the long-awaited Westside subway could be way ahead of schedule—assuming federal support will be there.

Why Trees Are L.A.'s 'Water-Saving Heroes'

"There's this assumption that we need abundant irrigation to support trees," according to researchers. "But we can drastically reduce water use and still have trees."

How Resilient Cities Need to Plan for an Influx of Migrants

Urban areas internationally will assume another 2.5 billion refugees and internally displaced persons by 2050, and few of them are ready.

Should L.A. Legal Defense Extend to Immigrant Ex-Convicts?

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