Louisiana's Senate chamber

What Being 18 Months Into an Urban Resilience Strategy Looks Like

New Orleans has $200 million, a multi-disciplinary team and a network of partners with which to address infrastructure needs ahead of future shocks and stresses.

What’s to Be Done About Confederate Monuments in New Orleans?

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and City Council members joined a national movement to remove symbols that black residents feel perpetuate racism, but they’re finding you can’t do iconoclasm halfway.

Navigator Award Finalists: Scott Mayers and Team, Louisiana Secretary of State IT Division

Simplifying and streamlining the process to get a business up and running.

Red Cross ‘Failed for 12 Days’ After Historic Louisiana Floods

Documents show local officials were irate over the Red Cross’ poor response to the massive disaster.

The State-Budget Cuts Trapping Poor Parents

In Louisiana, a lack of governmental assistance has left many without childcare options.

New Gun Restrictions Signed Into Law in New Orleans

A city ordinance Mayor Mitch Landrieu approved Monday includes penalties for failing to report lost or stolen firearms, along with other provisions.

New Orleans Improves Transparency About Police Use-of-Force Incidents

The data-focused effort comes at a time when the city is carrying out police department reforms.

Flooding Worsens Louisiana’s Housing Crisis; R.I. Gov.’s Alternative Way to Staff Her Office

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An Important Emergency Response Scenario for Every State and Local Government

Can your agency effectively respond to a disaster amid a widespread telecommunications outage?

Flooding Adds to Louisiana’s Budget Woes; SE Colo. Struggles With Opioid Abuse

Also in our State and Local Weekend News Digest: Southern California evacuees get all clear to return home; Chattanooga’s volunteer reserve police officer program; and Sioux Falls removes a public art sculpture.

America Is Mostly Ignoring a Dire Emergency In Louisiana

The American Red Cross has described the flood as the nation's worst disaster since Superstorm Sandy. But not that many people are paying attention.

Louisiana Reeling From Unprecedented Flash Flooding; Pipeline Concerns Continue in Michigan

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Local Governments Concerned With Security Should Lead With Multi-Factor Authentication

Nation-states attempt to breach New Orleans’ systems “all the time,” so the city recently upped its defenses for law enforcement and several other departments and apps.

Should Killing a Police Officer Be a Hate Crime?

Louisiana has approved a “Blue Lives Matter” hate-crime law, and Texas and several others could follow suit.

The Unsolved Violence of Baton Rouge

After years of racial and economic tension, the Louisiana city must wrestle with the shootings of Alton Sterling and six police officers.

3 Police Officers Fatally Shot in Baton Rouge; Chicago’s $140 Million Olympic Village Burden

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Baton Rouge D.A. Recuses Himself From Alton Sterling Investigation

Moore cited a “personal relationship” with the parents of Blane Salamoni, one of the officers involved in the shooting.

A Video Captures a Police Shooting in Louisiana

The footage appears to show two Baton Rouge officers wrestling 37-year-old Alton Sterling to the ground, then sticking a gun in his chest, and shooting him dead.

How Resilient Is Your City? This Index Will Tell You

“Every city is unique, and each faces specific challenges,” says Arup director Jo da Silva. “But, the factors that enable cities to deal with disruption are universal.”

Louisiana Governor Touts Medicaid Expansion as Way to Help Cure Budget Woes

“It’s the easiest big decision I will ever make as governor,” John Bel Edwards said of his move earlier this year to expand the health care program for those with low incomes.

New Orleans Continues On a Path of Decarceration

A new $1.5 million MacArthur Foundation grant could give New Orleans’ public defenders, and its incarcerated citizens, some relief.

Deadly Railroad Crossings Challenge States

Collisions between trains and cars have declined over time. Is it possible to eliminate them?

Is Public Corruption Becoming More or Less Common in the U.S.?

A recently published academic study takes a look at that.

The Folly of State-Level Tax Cuts

In a strong national economy, places like Louisiana, Illinois, and Oklahoma are nevertheless struggling. Why?

The Internet of Things Bolsters New Orleans’ Emergency Dispatch System

Agency data streams used to be disparate, but now they’re on the same interface.

New Orleans Police Department Releases Guidelines for Body Camera Video Access

A central concern has been finding a balance between privacy and transparency.

Louisiana Legislature Advances Tax Bills to Knock Out Huge Budget Deficit

Legislation calling for a 1 percent sales tax increase was among scores of bills that passed out of a House committee on Tuesday.

A Closer Look at Louisiana’s Grim Budget and Economic Numbers

Revenues, general fund balances, unemployment rates and GDP are all downbeat in the Pelican State.

‘For All Practical Purposes, Louisiana Is in Its Own Recession’

As the state’s budget situation worsens, revenue estimates are revised downward.

Louisiana Governor Expands Medicaid

Changes were made via executive order.

These States Have Relied Most Heavily on Federal Aid

An analysis from the Tax Foundation presents federal aid as a percentage of state revenue for fiscal year 2013.

Mississippi River Winter Floods to Test Government Response, Army Corps Defenses

Levees are being checked for sand boils as water levels rise. And in Louisiana, there’s no word yet whether the Bonnet Carré and Morganza spillways will be opened.

These 5 Major Fiscal Problems Await Louisiana's Next Governor

Bobby Jindal relied on short-term fixes that did nothing to address years of "unresolved structural deficits." Here are the budgetary challenges that await John Bel Edwards in Baton Rouge.