Hazy Outlook for Congressional Response to Justice Dept.'s Overhauled Marijuana Guidance

"I don't think we've come together around one particular legislative proposal," according to Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado.

Bipartisan Support for Amendment That Would Block DOJ Crackdown on State-Regulated Marijuana

"I feel that a majority of the House would support this," said U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat. Nearly 70 lawmakers have signed a letter in favor of the provision.

Colorado GOP Senator Pushes Back on Revised Justice Dept. Marijuana Guidance

Sen. Cory Gardner met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday to discuss his concerns.

Trump Administration's Shift on Marijuana Could Imperil Banking Arrangements

By forcing cannabis businesses to rely on cash, the move might make businesses, owners and employees vulnerable to theft and complicate state efforts to collect taxes on drug sales.

Justice Department Rescinds Obama-era Marijuana Guidance

The move by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stirs uncertainty for states that have legalized cannabis sales and production.

Testing for Tainted Marijuana Challenges States

Anecdotes have emerged of vulnerable consumers, such as cancer patients, contracting dangerous infections after smoking bad weed.

Why It’s Getting Easier for Marijuana Companies to Open Bank Accounts

Banks and credit unions are becoming more comfortable serving marijuana businesses. But the progress could be wiped out by President Trump’s Justice Department.

Where Buying Marijuana Is Legal, But There’s Nowhere to Smoke It

Although some lawmakers have tried, no state legislature has yet carved out rules for cannabis lounges, cafes or tasting rooms.

Colorado Ski Towns Look to Fund Mental Health Services by Taxing Pot

Idyllic locales sometimes stigmatize mental illness the most.

Legal Marijuana Is Not Staying Where It’s Supposed to in the U.S.

New research shows that its tough to keep legalized marijuana from moving across state borders.

Another Volley Between States and the Justice Department Over Recreational Marijuana

In the latest round of official correspondence, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown highlighted the state’s tracking measures for pot and noted flaws with a report U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions referenced.

As Sessions Looks More Closely at Legal Weed, State Officials Point to Regulatory Successes

“We're trying to be flexible, to bring the understanding…, the agency's history and legacy of knowledge to bear on this new industry,” according to Mark Pettinger, an Oregon Liquor Control Commission public affairs officer.

Despite Growing Support for Marijuana, Legalization Faces Rocky Road

This year, Vermont came close to becoming the first state to legalize recreational marijuana through the Legislature. Other states spent the first half of 2017 battling over regulations to govern voter-approved pot sales.

A California County Supervisor’s Wisdom on Regulating Legalized Marijuana

WATCH: According to Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn, the marijuana industry isn’t just about growing and selling.

New Mexico's Contentious 'Pot Powwow'

A cannabis company believes the pot industry could save tribal nations from poverty. But many argue it would only make a drug problem worse.

How Prosecutors Are Responding to Shifting Views on Marijuana

A new National District Attorneys Association report “puts prosecutors on the map” on key issues facing the future of marijuana use.

N.J. Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Is ‘Beyond Stupidity,’ Gov. Says

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: NYC maps rampant sidewalk sheds; Conn. city settles police discrimination suit; Sacramento strengthens ‘sanctuary city’ status.