Tropical System Headed to Gulf Coast Prompts Hurricane Watch and Flooding Concerns

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Oregon wildfires grow; 1.5 million gallons of raw sewage flood repair trench in a Detroit suburb; and Baltimore mayor’s good government book club pick.

Tense Days in New Orleans as City's Pump Network Struggles to Keep Up

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | San José officials reject affordable housing for teachers proposal; designs are revealed for a new iconic bridge in Washington, D.C.; and Dayton sees inspiration in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

New Orleans Mayor Responds to U.S. Senator’s Remarks About City’s ‘Huge Crime Problem’

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, a Republican, said the city was “rapidly becoming the murder and armed robbery capital of the Western Hemisphere."

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s Reaction to Shooting at Congressional Baseball Practice

"Now more than ever we have to put aside our differences and unite against cowardly violence," the mayor said.

Next Stop on the Route Fifty Roadshow: New Orleans

In the Big Easy, experts from across the Gulf Coast and the nation will share the changing nature of disasters and what 'Responding to Modern Emergencies' looks like.

New Orleans Mayor Continues Work to Remove Confederate Monuments

Mayor Mitch Landrieu made sure work was completed as fast as possible to prevent state preemption

Under the Cover of Darkness, New Orleans Removes a Confederate Monument

While some Southern states still officially honor their ‘Lost Cause’ history, the Crescent City is choosing to instead promote diversity on Confederate Memorial Day.

Behavioral Insights: A New Tool for Performance Management

Knowledge of the situational factors that may push people to make adverse choices has helped cities uncover new approaches to tackle longstanding challenges.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Securing and Advancing Communities

In an interview with Route Fifty, Landrieu talks policing and the “entrepreneurial” bent that drives mayors of all political stripes.

To Keep Their Artists, Cities Explore Affordable Housing

Fearful of losing arts and entertainment, some cities are trying to provide artists and musicians with affordable places to live and work.

What Being 18 Months Into an Urban Resilience Strategy Looks Like

New Orleans has $200 million, a multi-disciplinary team and a network of partners with which to address infrastructure needs ahead of future shocks and stresses.

What’s to Be Done About Confederate Monuments in New Orleans?

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and City Council members joined a national movement to remove symbols that black residents feel perpetuate racism, but they’re finding you can’t do iconoclasm halfway.

Download Our New Ebook: Challenges and Opportunities for Data-Driven Local Governments

Included are stories about the use of data in the governments of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Syracuse, New York; and New Orleans.

New Gun Restrictions Signed Into Law in New Orleans

A city ordinance Mayor Mitch Landrieu approved Monday includes penalties for failing to report lost or stolen firearms, along with other provisions.

New Orleans Improves Transparency About Police Use-of-Force Incidents

The data-focused effort comes at a time when the city is carrying out police department reforms.

Local Governments Concerned With Security Should Lead With Multi-Factor Authentication

Nation-states attempt to breach New Orleans’ systems “all the time,” so the city recently upped its defenses for law enforcement and several other departments and apps.

New Orleans Ramps Up Zika Fight in Wake of Florida Cases

With federal funding in limbo, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has announced the city will shell out $500,000 in additional money to help prevent the spread of the virus.

How Resilient Is Your City? This Index Will Tell You

“Every city is unique, and each faces specific challenges,” says Arup director Jo da Silva. “But, the factors that enable cities to deal with disruption are universal.”