Trump Administration Eyes as ‘Much as Possible’ for Expanded Offshore Drilling

A number of state and local officials are opposing the leasing of previously protected waters.

How One North Carolina County Is Keeping Down Its Jail Population

Mecklenburg County judges are preparing to hold pretrial hearings to determine defendants’ economic statuses before handing down financial punishments.

Midsize Cities Get a New, Free Data Portal Option

Open Data America wants to do for other municipalities what it did in Cary, North Carolina.

What's the Right Punishment for Tearing Down a Confederate Monument?

In Durham, the sheriff and district attorney appear divided over whether civil disobedience deserves greater leniency from the judicial system.

Durham's Confederate Statue Comes Down

Unwilling to wait for local officials to act to take down a Civil War monument, a group of protesters took matters into their own hands Monday night.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks Remain Off Limits Due to Major Mistake

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Why Tampa is doomed; a problematic exotic animal farm in Oregon; and Connecticut’s municipalities are forced to make bad decisions.

America’s Fight for Independence Has Always Been Local

In North Carolina, Mecklenburg County’s 1775 declaration may have been the first exertion by Americans to formalize the value of self-governance.

Charlotte Is Among 5 Cities Developing More Inclusive Procurement

“We know that diverse and equitable communities tend to be more economically and civically vibrant and experience more growth,” said a Living Cities employee of its latest City Accelerator cohort.

N.C. Man Sees $99.9 Million Service Fee on His Local Water Bill

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: New ‘Buy American Steel’ law in Texas worries mayors on Canadian trade trip; N.J. project sees largest sale of unrated muni bonds so far in 2017; and will California leaders replumb the state?

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina’s Congressional District Map

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Pittsburgh sours on Uber; Colorado governor signs measure for ‘Rolling Coal’ fines; and Western states see jump in arrests of undocumented immigrants.

North Carolina's Voter ID Law Is Defeated, For Now

The Supreme Court declined to review the law that lower courts found to be discriminatory, but made no judgment on the merits of the policy.

Why It’s So Hard to Get Ahead in the South

In Charlotte and other Southern cities, poor children have the lowest odds of making it to the top income bracket of kids anywhere in the country. Why?

How Will NCAA React to North Carolina’s ‘Humpty Dumpty’ H.B. 2 Repeal?

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‘We’ve Got to Get Rid of This Stain’ on North Carolina

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Texas lawmakers target Austin’s local authority; thousands of Colorado drunk-driving convictions may be invalid; and Pittsburgh’s police may get new horses.

N.C. Bill Would Punish Sanctuary Cities and Universities

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: A plan in Arizona to set a higher bar for ballot initiatives; NTSB says parade accidents are almost always preventable; and good news for New Jersey’s bald eagles.

N.C. Legislative Leaders Decry Judicial Ruling; Wis. Gov.’s Regulatory Retreat on Fire Safety

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: New Orleans tornado aftermath; Pennsylvania governor’s early retirement proposal for state workers; and Eric Holder’s Sacramento visit.

Water Emergency in Chapel Hill, N.C.: ‘Our Water Supply Basically Ran Out’

Local authorities work to restore service after problems with fluoride treatment and a broken water main led to a loss in pressure.

N.C.’s Last-Ditch Medicaid Expansion Push; Don’t Slip on Michigan’s Sidewalks

Connecticut government braces for revenue estimates; N.Y. gov. attempts to privatize horse-racing again; AFSCME may strike in Illinois

U.S. Supreme Court Puts North Carolina's 2017 Elections on Hold

After a lower court ordered unusual legislative contests this year to mitigate unconstitutional racial gerrymandering, the justices temporarily stayed the order.