North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper
North Carolina

U.S. Supreme Court Puts North Carolina's 2017 Elections on Hold

After a lower court ordered unusual legislative contests this year to mitigate unconstitutional racial gerrymandering, the justices temporarily stayed the order.

How Did North Carolina's Deal to Repeal H.B. 2 Fall Apart?

An attempt to roll back the state’s controversial “bathroom bill” collapsed amid recriminations on Wednesday.

Route Fifty Roadmap: Amid Google Fiber’s Pivot, Its Expansion Continues in N.C.

As Alphabet Inc. rethinks its grand gigabit vision and puts some cities on hold, installation presses forward in North Carolina’s Research Triangle.

The End of North Carolina's HB2?

Charlotte voted Monday morning to repeal an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance, reportedly the first part of a deal to erase the state’s controversial “bathroom bill.”

Special Session for N.C.’s ‘Bathroom Bill’; FEMA Trailer Frustrations in Louisiana

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North Carolina's 'Legislative Coup' Is Over, and Republicans Won

Legislators passed a slate of bills to sharply reduce the power of the incoming governor, over the heated objections of Democrats and hundreds of protestors.

Republicans Forge Ahead With Their North Carolina Power Grab

As GOP efforts to restrain gubernatorial power rolled forward, Governor-elect Roy Cooper, a Democrat, threatened to sue, and activists were arrested for disrupting the legislature.

North Carolina Republicans Try to Curtail the New Democratic Governor's Power

After Roy Cooper narrowly won the gubernatorial race, the GOP-led state legislature is using a special session to sharply limit the incoming executive’s authority.

Route Fifty Roadmap: Raleigh’s New Union Station Starts to Take Shape

Incremental infrastructure improvements are laying the foundation for a bigger future in North Carolina’s capital city.

In the Battle Over Voting Rights, What Happens Next?

Court challenges to redistricting in North Carolina and Wisconsin could bring national changes in elections.

Durham County's Recount Reveals Friction Between State and Local Governments

North Carolina can’t resolve its gubernatorial race until Durham County recounts its votes. But that isn’t as simple a matter as it seems.

How a Simple Sticker Can Nudge Residents Into Compliance

“People generally have limited attention, which means that we fail to consider small details.”

No Charges for Charlotte Police Officer Involved in Shooting Death

Mecklenburg County's district attorney said Officer Brentley Vinson "acted lawfully" when he shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, a black man.

McCrory Requests $1 Billion in Federal Aid for N.C. Hurricane Matthew Recovery

The October storm caused about $2 billion in damage in the state, according to initial estimates.

N.J. State Takeover of Atlantic City; Wildfires in Southeast States Cause Hazy Conditions

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Voting Hours Extended in Some N.C. Precincts

Software problems and a lack of paper forms caused delays at polling places in Durham County on Election Day.

Hurricane Matthew Recovery Continues in Hard Hit Eastern North Carolina

“There’s still a long way to go,” said one city manager.

All Eyes on Eroding N.C. Dam; Fla. Voter Registration Extended 1 Week

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Weighing a Decision Whether to Stay or Go

As state and local officials urge residents in vulnerable areas to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew, some are deciding to ride it out. And that’s “a headache” for first responders.

Hurricane Matthew to Test Resiliency of Utility and Communications Systems

As utility workers are mobilized to restore service knocked out by the storm, this real-life emergency scenario will test investments in stronger infrastructure and response.

Hurricane Matthew Preparation Starts in Southeast; Okla. Supreme Court Overturns Abortion Law

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Third Night of Charlotte Protests Largely Peaceful

The family of Keith Lamont Scott, who was shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Tuesday, wants video of the incident publicly released.

Why North Carolina Judges Can Still Refuse to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Decisions in dueling lawsuits suggest the religious exemption law will be hard to overturn in the courts.

Charlotte Leaders Stand Firm Against N.C. Gov.; Miami Neighborhood Breathes Sigh of Relief

Bridgegate opening statements and what Christie knew; Philly City Hall’s new resident survey; legal settlements in Columbus.

Navigator Award Finalist: Amy Aussieker, Envision Charlotte

A successful cross-sector project to reduce energy consumption in North Carolina’s largest city is laying the foundation for similar collaborations in other places.

The Supreme Court Won't Intervene in North Carolina's Voting Law

The justices voted not to stay a lower court’s ruling that extended early voting and restored same-day registration in the swing state.

Federal Judge Rules Against North Carolina's HB2

Thomas Schroeder temporarily barred the University of North Carolina from enforcing the state’s “bathroom bill,” finding that the law likely violates the Civil Rights Act.

North Carolina's Deliberate Disenfranchisement of Black Voters

A federal appeals court finds the impact of the state’s voting law can only be explained by “discriminatory intent.”

The NBA’s Reaction to North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’

The league will move the 2017 All-Star Game because of the law.

North Carolina's HB2 Compromise That Wasn't

Legislators restored the right to bring discrimination suits but otherwise failed to agree on changes to the state’s controversial “bathroom bill.”

North Carolina Is About to Pass a Law Barring Public Access to Police Cam Footage

The controversial bill has cleared the House and made its way through the Senate Wednesday.

Will North Carolina's Bathroom Bill Be Revised?

Lawmakers are meeting to consider changes to the controversial law, according to media reports.

Now, North Carolina Wants to Hold City Infrastructure Hostage

Its cities must comply with anti-immigrant state laws, or face the funding consequences.