Some of America’s Worst-Paid Teachers Give Their State a New Ultimatum

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New Mexico’s ‘no trespassing’ order for U.S. Border Patrol; opening the door to S.C. reparations; Nashville mayor resigns; and Lake Superior's high water level may hit all-time record.

The Republican Tax Bill Might Need an Escape Hatch to Pass

Ahead of a key vote this week, senators from states where tax cuts busted the budget want the plan to include a “backstop” in case the party’s rosy revenue predictions don’t come true.

The Red-State Revolt Spreads to Oklahoma

Republican voters soured on tax cuts in Kansas. Now a similar budget crisis is playing out in Oklahoma, and in a string of special-election wins, Democrats are taking advantage.

Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration by Keeping Mothers and Children Together

Hoping to combat the high cost of incarceration and break the cycle of children following their parents to prison, some cities have created programs to keep women out of jail and with their children.

Police Chief Tied to Neo-Nazi Sites Blames ‘White Power Skinheads’ From Heavy Metal Shows

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Colorado seeks federal compliance with standardized testing; community policing push in Oakland, Calif.; and the last two Obamacare insurers in Utah seek exclusions.

Voters in Louisiana and Oklahoma Strongly Favor Alternatives to Incarceration

Both states considered, one enacted, sentencing and corrections reforms in 2017

Despite Secession Talk, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Recent secession efforts range from large, ongoing campaigns in Texas and California to smaller pushes in Oklahoma, Maine, Utah, West Virginia and New York.

What CIOs Can Learn About Hacktivists From Oklahoma’s ‘Hoodie Incident’

“They’re trying to get their message out,” Oklahoma’s CIO said during the NASCIO mid-year conference being held this week near the nation’s capital.

Okla. Senate OKs Bill to Strip Local Non-Discrimination Ordinances

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Proposal to block new wind development in N.D.; N.C. governor’s plan to raise teacher salaries; and a Mich. freeway’s bumpy deterioration.

WATCH: Oklahoma Bridge Span Knocked Down

Part of a highway crossing over the Verdigris River near Tulsa was removed as part of a rehabilitation project.

In a Decade, Oklahoma's Earthquakes Will Be Normal Again

Next year, though, the state faces a 40-percent risk of a major tremor.

Okla. Shutters Disposal Wells Following Big Quake; Ill. Gov. Fires 29 State Transportation Employees

Also in our State and Local Labor Day Weekend Digest: Judges rule Mo. must reveal source of lethal injection drugs; Justice Department to decide whether to retry McDonnell; Scottsdale firefighters wrangle exotic snakes.

A Big Burden for Oklahoma’s Poorly Paid Teachers; Wildfire Burns Through California Community

Dallas struggles with its recycling goal; closing arguments in Pa. attorney general’s trial; and Lake Michigan life rings.

High-Profile Cases Spur States to Reconsider Statutes of Limitations for Rape

It can take years for sexual abuse victims to find the courage to come forward, and police departments across the country are still digging through a backlog of rape kits, some of which are three decades old.

Okla. Lawmakers Want Federal Balanced Budget Amendment; Assessing Ohio’s Prison Food Contract

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Iowa state workers face black mold problem; public works heroes save ducklings; and a Portland pothole lawsuit.

State and Local Daily Digest: Okla.’s Dismal Budget News; Conn. Lawmakers Look at Weaponized Drone Ban

Also in our news roundup: Floods shut bridges between Texas and Louisiana; pothole season is in full swing; Alabama city embraces higher municipal minimum wage.

The Folly of State-Level Tax Cuts

In a strong national economy, places like Louisiana, Illinois, and Oklahoma are nevertheless struggling. Why?

As Nation Moves to a Service Economy, States Look to Tax It More

In states from Arizona to Oklahoma, lawmakers are considering bills that would impose the sales tax on services ranging from beauty salons to funeral homes.

Oklahoma Earthquake Surge Creates State vs. Local Regulatory Quandary

And it’s not surprising that it’s resulting in litigation for the courts to sort out.