'Risk Is Shifting' for State and Local Employees Planning for Retirement

The changes are taking place in an era when some state and local governments are struggling with pension costs.

Funding Gaps in Pensions and Infrastructure: A Match Made In Queensland

Can two major funding headaches fix each other's problems?

State and Local Pension Plans Shift Toward ‘Alternative’ Investments

New research from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College sheds some light on how that looks and what it means.

Debt-Laden New Jersey Struggles to Make Ends Meet

The Garden State faces a tight squeeze on public programs and experts see big trouble in the not-so-distant future after years of pension underfunding.

Hartford Suffers Downgrade, as Connecticut Struggles With Its Budget

Uncertainty about state aid has analysts concerned about capital city’s general obligation and stadium bonds.

Why Would Congress Bail Out Miners’ Pensions?

If legislators on Capitol Hill don’t act by the end of April, miners will lose their health-care benefits. They may soon lose their retirement benefits, too.

Virginia Poised to Lead on Risk Analysis of State Pension Investments

In recent decades, state pension funds across the country have shifted to more complex investments with greater exposure to financial market volatility.

Bay Area City Heading Toward Bankruptcy?; Iowa Looks at Preempting Cities on Minimum Wage

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The Great Texas Pension Fix

Houston owes its police, fire, and city workers about $7.8 billion, and it doesn’t exactly have the cash on hand. Their hard-fought solution could serve as a model for the rest of Texas, and the nation.

S.C. Struggles With Pension Funding; New Governors Sworn Into Office in Ind., Mo.

Also in our State and Local Digest: A push to raise Mont.’s gas tax; municipal panic buttons expand in Mass.; and a W.Va. city hall is a ‘total loss’ after a fire.

N.Y. State Pension Bribery Indictments; Will Congress Kill D.C.’s ‘Death With Dignity Act’?

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Snow-removal costs pile up in Billings; Ohio aims to make its data more accessible; and Oklahoma City’s new evening lifeline.

Conn. Pension Deal Kicks the Can Down the Road; Calif.’s Costly Prison Health IT Upgrades

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Jacksonville’s Frustrated Mayor: ‘We’ve Got to Get Out of the Pension Business!’

The mayor of Florida’s largest city continues to fume over fiscally troubled police and fire pensions and calls a possible $45 million miscalculation by an actuary “outrageous.”

Jerry Brown's California Pension Reforms Have Done Little to Rein in Costs

The governor pushed for sweeping action in 2011 to close a funding gap and ease the burden on taxpayers. Then lawmakers blocked his most ambitious ideas.

No Pension Reform for Pennsylvania; N.J. City to Sue Neighbors Over Sewers

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Chicago Teachers Strike Averted; Kentucky Confronts Lexington’s Panhandling Ban

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Tears Over Oregon’s Pensions ‘Moral’ Dilemma; Texas Warning Over Refugee Resettlement

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