These Days, ‘We Aren’t Innovating in Isolated Business Parks’

“Smart, long-term bets” are vital for economic development, according to Bruce Katz, centennial scholar at the Brookings Institution. And those bets are best when clustered in revitalizing cities.

These U.S. Regions Could Be First in Line for Hyperloop Expansion

Hyperloop One is eyeing four routes in the Midwest, Colorado, Texas and Florida in addition to six more outside the country.

Simulating Scenarios for Killer Smog Conditions in Pittsburgh

Predictive analytics are getting better at profiling the clinical impact of air- and heat-related emergencies, as well as the stress they place on response infrastructure.

Pittsburgh Corrects Trump Claim About City's View on Climate Change

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump said Thursday. But the city voted 80 percent in favor of Hillary Clinton in November.

How Resilient Cities Need to Plan for an Influx of Migrants

Urban areas internationally will assume another 2.5 billion refugees and internally displaced persons by 2050, and few of them are ready.

Applying the 'Rooney Rule' to Cities

Pittsburgh will borrow a page from the NFL’s diversity playbook in order to get more people of color into leadership positions in city government.

There May Be a Good Reason Pittsburgh Kept Its Body Camera Policies Under Wraps

In the eight categories from a Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights scorecard, local law enforcement in Steel City get one passing mark.

Pittsburgh Mayor Has Harsh Words for Uber on Its ‘Moral Obligation’

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Distracted driving deaths in Colorado; Massachusetts city calls for Trump impeachment; and Florida governor’s prosecutorial intervention.

Pittsburgh Isn’t Worried About the Self-Driving Uber That Flipped Over in Arizona

“One traffic incident in a city 2,000 miles away—in which the automated vehicle was not at fault, according to Tempe police—is not going to change that,” according to a city spokesman.

Pittsburgh’s New Resilience Strategy Confronts Inequity, Infrastructure Stresses

The Western Pennsylvania city might not face severe weather shocks as often as others do, but residential segregation and deferred maintenance have left “Steel City” plenty to contend with.

Parting Thoughts From Pittsburgh's Chief of Innovation and Performance

Debra Lam is resigning this month, after two years with the city.

A Controversial Police Chief's Parting Words With His Profession

Cameron McLay just resigned from his post as Pittsburgh’s police chief—right when urban policing is about to get a lot more interesting.

Download Our New Ebook: Challenges and Opportunities for Data-Driven Local Governments

Included are stories about the use of data in the governments of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Syracuse, New York; and New Orleans.

Pittsburgh Launches New ‘Burgh’s Eye View’ Online Map Tool for City Data

The city plans to “open source” the computer code for the application in the coming weeks, offering a way for other local governments to replicate the project.

Navigator Award Finalists: Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Team

In Pennsylvania's second-largest city, a growing tech sector is driving the wheels of innovation. But so is city hall.

The Arrival of Self-Driving Ubers in Pittsburgh

Journalists who took early rides in the cars seemed impressed, but also irked at their overly cautious robotic chauffeurs.