The Republican Who Left Congress to Drain an Actual Swamp

Former Representative Candice Miller gave up a senior post in the House to manage the drains and sewers of Macomb County, Michigan. She has no regrets.

Elon Musk and Puerto Rico’s Governor Want to Rebuild the Island’s Grid the Tesla Way

Can Puerto Rico build a state-of-the-art, renewable, distributed electric system better prepared to take on the needs of the island, and any future disasters?

San José Innovation Challenge Leads to Graffiti-Cleaning Drone

The next round of the contest will look at how the city can improve the way it orders evacuations ahead of serious flooding.

Harvey's Floodwaters Cut Off City’s Water Supply

The storm has turned most of Beaumont, Texas into “an island,” isolating a city of 120,000 residents, many who now find themselves scrambling for water.

Using GIS Mapping for On-the-Ground Situational Awareness During the Eclipse

A massive influx of visitors to places along the “path of totality” is a public safety challenge and operational challenge.

City Learns Costly Lesson About the ‘Quick, Cheap Way’ to Build

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | There’s no budget contingency plan in South Dakota; Iowa DOT graphic designer hurt by public’s complaints; and “Baltimore has had more than enough time to think” about Confederate statue removal.

Tense Days in New Orleans as City's Pump Network Struggles to Keep Up

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | San José officials reject affordable housing for teachers proposal; designs are revealed for a new iconic bridge in Washington, D.C.; and Dayton sees inspiration in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Oregon’s DOT Cleans Up Slimy Mess From a Korean Delicacy

PHOTOS: One unlucky car was completely slimed in an unusual mucus from eel-like hagfish.

How to Get the City to Notice Your Damn Pothole

A citizen’s guide to wacky schemes, from impromptu hot tubs to “birthday parties.”

Dumped-Upon Minnesota City Deploys Its Snow Equipment in June

PHOTOS: As the start of summer nears, public works crews in the city of Coon Rapids were plowing through a winter landscape, of sorts.

Busted City Water Pipes Don’t Plague Ironwood, Michigan As Much Anymore

The former mining town on the Upper Peninsula has made progress updating its water infrastructure. But there’s still work to be done.

Glimmers of Optimism on Capitol Hill About Chances for an Infrastructure Package

But there are competing items on Congress’ legislative to-do list and the White House continues to grapple with controversies.

Western States Negotiate Drought Contingency Plan Despite Wet Winter

A visit to Arizona’s Avra Valley highlights advanced hydrological, technological and conservation solutions to the Tucson area’s water concerns.

Seattle Sewage Disaster Raises Bigger Questions About Infrastructure Resilience

The hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated waste that poured into Puget Sound in recent weeks will likely be a “moot point” during an even larger catastrophic event. What can be done to mitigate the risk?

EPA’s Pruitt to City Leaders: Don’t Let Congress Forget About Water Infrastructure

He made his comments ahead of a National League of Cities advocacy day planned for Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

State and Local Agencies in Northeast Prep for Big Late-Season Coastal Storm

Blizzard conditions and 18 inches of snow in some places between Washington, D.C., and Boston are primed to disrupt the heavily populated region starting Monday night.

Talk About Private Investment in Water Systems Percolates on Capitol Hill

“Look, a trillion dollars is not going to come from the federal government,” said U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, who chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

West Coast Storms Prompt Drinking Water Emergency in Santa Cruz

The call to cut consumption comes after an important pipeline was damaged amid larger regional disruptions from flooding and mudslides.