Hurricane Maria Has Made Puerto Rico the Land of Opportunity for Solar Power

Behind the scenes, the destruction has bred a keen contest for a massive prize: the 1.4 million customers of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, which has kept its monopoly on the island for 70 years despite a dismal record.

Puerto Rico's Dire Health-Care Crisis

Over a month after Hurricane Maria, citizens are still facing limited access to medical help and the increasing threat of illness.

U.S. Senate Passes $36.5 Billion Disaster Aid Bill

The legislation will next go to the White House for President Trump's signature.

Puerto Rico Is a Textbook Example of How Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Spread

There have been at least 74 suspected cases of leptospirosis, a bacterial illness transmitted through water, food, or soil contaminated by infected animal urine, recorded on the island so far this month.

How Likely Is Resilient Disaster Recovery in Puerto Rico?

Unlike with other hurricanes, the Trump administration holds all the cards—a good or bad thing depending on how committed it is to preparing the U.S. territory for the next major storm.

Elon Musk and Puerto Rico’s Governor Want to Rebuild the Island’s Grid the Tesla Way

Can Puerto Rico build a state-of-the-art, renewable, distributed electric system better prepared to take on the needs of the island, and any future disasters?

What's Happening With the Relief Effort in Puerto Rico?

A timeline of the unprecedented catastrophe of Hurricane Maria.

West Coast Cities and States Should Be More Worried About the Crisis in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has cut off access to drinking water, sewage, electricity and telecommunications across the U.S. commonwealth. Here’s why Seattle or L.A. might end up being the next San Juan.

The Next Challenge for Puerto Rico’s Recovery

The island will likely get the short-term help it needs. But that will do little to help its ongoing fiscal crisis.

This Is Why Puerto Rico Needs Statehood

With federal disaster relief lagging, residents of the devastated island territory have little say about what happens to them next.

Mostly Cut Off, Puerto Ricans Flock to the Few Spots With Cellphone Service

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Amid unrest, St. Louis mayor wants investigation of police actions; report finds mental health care troubles in Kansas; and North Jersey city fumes over mayor’s guilty plea.

Puerto Rico Devastated: ‘When We Can Get Outside, We Will Find Our Island Destroyed’

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: More states announce their FirstNet opt-in decisions; Mich. Civil Service Commission gives state more power over its workers; and Louisiana has some good budget news for a change.

Voters Weigh In on Puerto Rico's 51st State Plan

Voters overwhelmingly supported the decision, but there was dismal turnout.

The Historical Exclusion Behind the Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Crisis

Congress could help the territory by simply funding its Medicaid system the way they fund the states.

The American Zika Outbreak

The virus’s prevalence in Puerto Rico threatens disaster if Congress cannot pursue long-term action.

Puerto Rico’s Invisible Health Crisis

The island of Vieques has some of the highest sickness rates in the Caribbean. Is the U.S. Navy responsible?

Puerto Rico's Problems Go Way Beyond Its Debt

The new law, PROMESA, staves off a financial emergency, but does little to fix the underlying troubles of the island and its people.

A Vote to Save Puerto Rico From Default

A bipartisan coalition in the U.S. Senate advanced legislation just in time to allow the island territory to make a July 1 payment and restructure its $70 billion debt.