Portland, Oregon
San Diego

$1 Billion Grant Awarded For San Diego Trolley Project

Construction on the roughly 11-mile light rail extension is set to ramp up next month.

A San Diego Officer Is Killed

A second officer was injured. The motive for the shooting is unclear, but it follows the targeting of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. The suspect is in custody.

San Diego's Controversial Push to Hide Its Homeless Before the All-Star Game

The city is expecting its biggest month of tourism ever but efforts to tidy up in time have angered advocates for the most vulnerable locals.

How Park Directors Attract Wall Street Investors to City Projects

“For Wall Street to want to invest, there’s got to be something for them…” says Seattle’s park director.

High Housing Costs Driving Population Shifts?

Some parts of the country where housing costs are high aren’t growing as fast as they once were, while more people are moving to areas where it’s more affordable to live.

San Diego Audit Unearths City Employee Scrap Metal Diversion Scheme

And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

San Diego's Republican Mayor Plots a Different Course for GOP

Kevin Faulconer thinks he can show the GOP how to win back the nation’s big cities. But is there enough substance to back his style?

San Diego Invests $11 Million in a New Land Management Solution

The permitting tool is 16 months out from launch but has the potential to scale with the city.

This County's Desalination Plant Could Transform Water Use

San Diego County's facility is the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

Can California Be ‘Road Shamed’ Into Passing a Gas Tax Increase?

Video of these neglected roads will leave you feeling for the car.

Here’s Where Electric Vehicle Use Is Growing Among U.S. Cities

California leads the pack of states with zero emissions vehicle programs, but large car markets, incentives and well-developed infrastructures are also factors.

Southern California Water Agencies Spar Over Making Conservation Program Nation’s Largest

Los Angeles and San Diego don’t agree that turf-removal rebates are encouraging sustainable landscaping.

How San Diego Plans to Assess the Condition of Nearly 2,800 Miles of City Streets

Mayor Kevin Faulconer wants to fix his city’s streets. But first, the city has to figure out which ones need the most immediate attention.