How Do New 'Supertall' Skyscrapers in U.S. Cities Measure Up to the Rest of the World?

San Francisco and Philadelphia are joining the ranks of global cities with towers that rise above 300 meters, a height that may seem puny across Asia these days.

City Hall Transition Underway as San Francisco Remembers Ed Lee

Acting Mayor London Breed: “He was humble and determined no matter what job he held. He was fair and collaborative no matter the heat of the moment. What mattered was helping his fellow San Franciscans.”

San Francisco's Path Forward to Close Its Digital Divide

The city will consider two public-private municipal fiber alternatives to a high-risk, purely public network.

Scoring U.S. Cities on Their ‘Reproductive Freedom’

San Francisco earned top marks, according to a new National Institute for Reproductive Health report. Where does your city rate?

Seeking ‘Resilience Dividends’ With City Investments

“For every dollar spent, you want to achieve multiple benefits,” according to the chief resilience officer in Boulder, Colorado.

Inequality in the Bay Area Makes Preparing for Climate Change Impacts Harder

But a design challenge focused on resiliency currently underway hopes to change that.

This Is Now the Nation's Richest Urban Area

Not only is the San Francisco Bay Area the nation's richest metropolitan area, household incomes there are also among the fastest growing.

California Becomes First State to Challenge Sessions on New Grant Rules for ‘Sanctuary Cities’

The U.S. attorney general may ultimately be forced to craft new regulations, at a time when President Trump wants less.

The Tech That Helps San Francisco Process Its Wastewater

PHOTOS: Treating raw sewage and stormwater involves a maze of pipes and plenty of data analytics, too.

A Hidden Population: Youth Homelessness Is on the Rise

Across the U.S., the number of young people living alone on the streets appears to be growing. Many communities are stepping up their efforts to help, intervening early with services specifically targeted toward the needs of young people.

San Francisco’s Really Expensive Parking Predicament

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Maryland’s new approach to bail; Louisiana’s struggles with swamp rats; and ditching coin-operated parking meters.

How One Bay Area CIO Is Moving His County to the Cloud

Hyperconverged infrastructure has meant major savings for San Mateo County, California, as it bridges the technology divide between its disconnected and affluent cities.

San Francisco's New Bike Racks Are Self-Aware

They make security cameras take your picture and cry for help if somebody is stealing your bike.

San Francisco to Delivery Robots: Get Off the Damn Sidewalk

A city lawmaker has proposed legislation banning autonomous delivery-bots. But the battle over who gets to use the sidewalk may just be getting started.

Federal Money for Caltrain Electrification Project Could Be Doomed

“There’s no funding. And, so, that’s a problem,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told a U.S.Senate Committee on Wednesday.

The Restaurants Hurt Most by Minimum-Wage Hikes

A new study finds that the eateries most likely to suffer are those that diners already feel lukewarm about.

Nearly 2,000 San Francisco Apartment Buildings Don’t Meet Quake Codes

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Md. city council plan would neuter mayoral powers; hexavalent chromium emissions near L.A.; and Oregon town saved, strained by new data centers.