The Quandary of Designing Streets and Sidewalks to Protect Against Rare Events

Bollards and barriers can help protect pedestrians and crowds from malicious and unintended acts by motorists but can also limit walkability and pose their own hazards and nuisances.

Taming the ‘Seattle Process’ to Deliver Future Light-Rail Lines Without Delay

The Emerald City and its new mayor are trying to expedite new transit projects on a timeline where there's little room for multi-jurisdictional and stakeholder error.

In Congested Cities, It Takes a Champion to Deliver Bus-Priority Infrastructure

Local jurisdictions are looking at less-expensive ways to improve transit service through traffic-clogged corridors. But it takes advocates inside and outside government to make them a reality.

Can Seattle Handle Its Own Growth?

The city is confronting multiple challenges that come with economic success.

Seattle Expects to Save Millions of Dollars Through Right-of-Way Management

“Our first goals were to protect the pavement as an asset and make sure people and visitors to Seattle were able to travel,” said the city’s Project and Construction Coordination Office manager.

Making New Mobility Services Adapt to Your City, Not the Other Way Around

Seattle has rolled out a new mobility playbook “anchored on understanding that we need to welcome this technology because it makes it easier for everyone to travel.”

These Cities Have the Nation’s Top-Ranked Real Estate Markets

A new report from the Urban Land Institute and PwC shows that compared to the biggest markets, smaller-sized cities are surging.

Dockless Bike Share Is Not a Sign of the Apocalypse

With the new technology all but inevitable, cities of all sizes are scrambling to build the right policies and social norms.

West Coast Cities and States Should Be More Worried About the Crisis in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has cut off access to drinking water, sewage, electricity and telecommunications across the U.S. commonwealth. Here’s why Seattle or L.A. might end up being the next San Juan.

Embattled Mayor’s Exit Forces Seattle to Dust Off Succession Plans

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Hurricane recovery continues in Florida; N.Y. volunteer firefighters press Gov. Cuomo on health bill; and Detroit Homecoming fills vacant train station.

Disaster Risk and Economic Growth Create Uncomfortable Questions for Civic Boosters

ANALYSIS: Suitors seeking Amazon’s 2nd headquarters should ask themselves: How resilient is their city or region?

Amazon Wants to Build a Massive New North American Headquarters

The company is asking for local governments to submit proposals for hosting the site, which it says will be on par with its existing Seattle campus.

Keeping the Nation’s Busiest Locks Running Strong for Another Hundred Years

PHOTOS: The Ballard Locks in Seattle were an American engineering triumph when they opened a century ago and there’s plenty of other critical infrastructure and economic activity that continue to rely on this waterway.

A Hidden Population: Youth Homelessness Is on the Rise

Across the U.S., the number of young people living alone on the streets appears to be growing. Many communities are stepping up their efforts to help, intervening early with services specifically targeted toward the needs of young people.

This Promising Tech Tool Can Save Lives Before a Major Earthquake Strikes

As the Trump administration preps to kill ShakeAlert, here's a scenario to demonstrate why funding its continued implementation is critical.

A Tough 4-Year Journey for the World’s Largest Tunnel Boring Machine

Watch Bertha crash through the concrete finish line and the challenging 9,270-foot journey under Seattle to get there.

A Data-Driven Governance Test for Seattle: Transforming Homeless Services

Two years ago, the Emerald City was among the first to be named to the What Works Cities program and chose to focus on human-services contracting reform. What can other cities learn from Seattle’s experience?

Is Seattle ‘Holding Its Gunpowder’ in Legal Fight With Trump?

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Repairing Ferguson’s ‘tattered’ image; Philly mayor’s plan hits roadblock; and Alaska may give green light to Uber and Lyft.

Seattle Sewage Disaster Raises Bigger Questions About Infrastructure Resilience

The hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated waste that poured into Puget Sound in recent weeks will likely be a “moot point” during an even larger catastrophic event. What can be done to mitigate the risk?