Smart Cities

Knight Cities Challenge to Choose From 144 Finalists Looking to Improve Urban Livability

Now in its third year, the competition will grant up to $5 million between this spring’s to-be-determined winners.

Our Cities Are Getting Smarter And You Probably Didn’t Even Notice

Cities don’t need to implement every single connected solution to be considered “smart.”

Spokane Pursues Smart City Goals With Collaborative Approach

Urbanova is a living lab set in the heart of the 770-acre University District near downtown to "pilot technologies while testing what creates value and how economical they are."

Colorado’s Connected Vehicle Plan to Make a Ski-Country Highway Safer

“This project will answer a lot of questions we need to answer in order to show people how this can be done,” says Tom Gebhardt, president of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America.

‘Cities Are Not Smart. It’s People Who Are Smart’

At an event in the nation’s capital, experts discussed issues related to smart cities such as inclusivity, data management and cybersecurity.

Smart City Ambitions in the ‘City That Lights and Hauls the World’

Schenectady, New York, is proving you don’t need to be a major tech hub to make smart city investments.

Smart City Development Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Chula Vista took a decade to ensure the West Coast’s largest waterfront smart development is built with sustainability in mind.

LinkNYC’s Link Creator Looks to New ‘Smartscapes’

Will the smart infrastructure equivalent of the iPhone speed the digitization of more cities?

Smart Cities Technology Is Appealing, But How Will It Get Financed?

Local governments already have challenges with funding their existing infrastructure, raising questions on how to make investments in smart technologies a reality.

When It Comes to Open Data, ‘Make Sure That It Is Meeting a Need of the User’

Experts in Washington, D.C. for Smart Cities Week discussed ways to help achieve this goal.

Navigator Award Finalist: Daniel Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County, Md.

Scaling county-grown smart city solutions across the U.S.

Upwards of $80 Million in Federal Investment to Flow Toward Smart Cities Projects

Funding will go toward transportation, public safety and other areas.

Remember the Human Element When Implementing Smart City Technologies

Building sensor networks seems like the most difficult step, but that’s just the start on the long road to a smarter local government.

Sidewalk Labs’ Role in Columbus Smart City Program Appears Limited For Now

Meanwhile, Ohio’s capital is forging ahead with plans for millions of dollars in high-tech transportation upgrades. U.S. DOT officials will visit the city this week.

A Smart Cities Challenge for Next-Generation Innovators

The Rockefeller Foundation has given out grants before, so this time it’s looking to mentor startups through Unreasonable Institute as they tackle entrenched urban problems.

Taking a ‘Pie-in-the-Sky Idea’ and Moving It to Real Municipal Practice

The challenge model from the Bloomberg Philanthropies aims to improve citizen quality of life, as is the focus of work being done in Providence.

Mobile Fieldworkers the Focus of New Smart Communities Challenge

Grants totaling $143,250 in tools, training and technical support for data collection are up for grabs.

Building the Digital Enterprise: Intelligent Lighting Isn’t Just for Cities

Individual sensor deployments are useful and are helping businesses to optimize their operations. But also, like in cities, they have significant drawbacks.

Dear Austin: You Didn’t Lose the ‘Smart City Challenge’ Because of Uber

Being a smart city means far more than just catering to economically-advantaged tech-savvy individuals. It’s also about effective use of technology to bridge divides in local communities.

No, Alphabet Isn't Conspiring to Take Over Public Transit in Columbus

Contrary to a recent article, “smart” transportation technologies like those from Sidewalk Labs aren’t really a big secret. Plus, cities want them.

Groundwork for a Connected Vehicle Pilot Program in Tampa Forges Ahead

“This is the next paradigm shift in transportation,” says one official helping to lead up the program.

Columbus ‘Put Forward an Impressive, Holistic Vision’ for Its Winning Smart City Plan

“They were able to connect the problems they identified to specific technology solutions that are measurable,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Columbus Tops 6 Other Finalists to Win USDOT’s ‘Smart City Challenge’

With additional local investment, $140 million is now committed to the winning plan submitted by Ohio’s capital, but the other finalist cities will be seeing more federal and private assistance to pursue their visions, too.

Cities Vying for $50 Million in USDOT Smart City Challenge Make Final Pitches

“It’s really started a wave of innovative thought in transportation,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said of the grant competition.

Denver Positions Its Role as a Hub City for Smart City Challenge Bid

Colorado’s capital has running start on putting digital technologies to work to address the challenges rapid population growth poses to aging transportation systems.

Emergence as Regional Tech Hub Reflected in Pittsburgh’s Smart City Challenge Bid

“Pittsburgh was based on steel and the economy was based upon getting product to market,” says Mayor Bill Peduto. “Our new economy is based upon getting people to workplace.”

Columbus Puts Its Future Bus Rapid Transit Line at Center of Its Smart City Challenge Bid

Carless households currently face major mobility disadvantages in Ohio’s capital, but civic leaders hope to change that.

Fast Growth, Economic Divides Weigh Heavy on Austin’s Smart City Bid

“This is not about testing new, shiny-penny technologies that will do nifty things,” the city’s mayor says. “This about using mobility technology to actually address basic problems.”

Portland Seeks to Extend Its Proven Tech and Transit Expertise in Smart City Challenge Bid

While Rose City’s plan leverages technology, “this is really a people project.”

Kansas City’s Smart City Challenge Bid Builds Upon Its IoT, Transportation Investments

The city wants to expand its digital corridors to better connect neighborhoods, deploy autonomous buses and boost mobility for residents and visitors.

San Francisco Is ‘Moonshotting’ an Ambitious Connected Transit Vision for Its ‘Smart City Challenge’ Bid

A city-led team of stakeholders, including UC-Berkeley and tech companies, want to create the “world’s first shared, electric, connected and automated transportation system.”

Sidewalk Labs and Transportation for America Forge New Partnership

“Too often there's a disconnect between tech interventions and transportation outcomes,” says Sidewalk Labs COO Anand Babu.

Unleashing Urban Innovation: Smart City 2.0

To truly unleash the creativity and innovation of cities, city leaders have to deploy the infrastructure to make this possible, and then allow individuals and companies to leverage the data.