Social Services

A Cautionary Case Study for Governors Looking to Defund Planned Parenthood

What are state governments doing to prevent a repeat of a public health crisis like the one that’s hobbled Scott County, Indiana?

Chris Christie: ‘Arresting, Jailing, Stigmatizing the Victims Will Not Make It Better’

In his State of the State Address, the New Jersey governor laid out plans to address drug abuse and the ongoing opioid epidemic.

‘Being Housed Does Not Alleviate All of the Other Poverty Needs That People Have’

The U.S. Conference of Mayors released its annual Hunger and Homelessness Survey, examining the challenges that cities continue to grapple with.

These Innovative States Want to Protect Domestic Violence Survivors

And they're using paid “safe days” to do it.

Taking Risks and Breaking Routines With a California IT Project

“We knew that the status quo would possibly provide a costly, unsatisfactory project that failed everyone,” says the secretary of the California Government Operations Agency.

New Rule in Maine Would Block Food Stamp Benefits for Lottery Winners

Gov. Paul LePage’s administration announced the measure on Tuesday. It will target winners of $5,000 or more in one month.

A Tough Homelessness Challenge: ‘Compassion Fatigue’ in Municipal Workforces

Cities need to support their empathetic frontline city employees who are dealing with a complex problem that “attacks the very core” of what brought them into public service.

Why This California County Treats Locals to Dinner and a Movie

A potluck social is a great way to humanize behavioral health workers and begin connecting people to the programs and services they need.

Drug-Addiction Epidemic Creates Crisis in Foster Care

State foster care systems are being overwhelmed by a surge in the number of neglected, abandoned or abused children—stemming largely from drug-addicted parents.

The State-Budget Cuts Trapping Poor Parents

In Louisiana, a lack of governmental assistance has left many without childcare options.

As Child Welfare Agencies Turn to Data Analytics ‘We Have to Be Really Careful’

Some see a promising way to keep kids safe from abuse and neglect using big data. But worries persist about bias against poor and minority families.

By the Numbers: How Homeless Camps Strain One City’s Parks Resources

The need to remove hypodermic needles, clean up human waste and haul away trash add to budgetary difficulties in Oregon's second-largest city.

More States Lift Welfare Restrictions for Drug Felons

Changes reflect a growing consensus that helping people when they are released from prison can increase the chances that they don’t end up going back.

D.C.’s Foster Care App Illustrates the Importance of a Mobile-First Mentality

Many government agencies shy away from mobile apps, but the District of Columbia's Child and Family Services Agency recognized that’s just what it needed.

Welfare Caps: More Harm than Good?

California just became the seventh state to repeal a controversial welfare policy that caps aid for parents who have more children while on public assistance.

At the Corner of Power and Poverty in Sacramento

Across from the gleaming California State Capitol, Debbie Bartley ekes by on donations.

West Virginia’s Strained Agency Budgets Will Hamper Flood Response and Recovery

While the state averted a government shutdown last month, it isn't escaping the impacts of the recent flash flooding.

Dear Austin: You Didn’t Lose the ‘Smart City Challenge’ Because of Uber

Being a smart city means far more than just catering to economically-advantaged tech-savvy individuals. It’s also about effective use of technology to bridge divides in local communities.

A Welfare Utopia in the Beaver State

Oregon, one of the whitest states in the union, also has one of the most generous safety nets. Is that a coincidence or something more troubling?

A ‘Holistic Approach’ to State Fraud Prevention

Predictive analytics, behavioral economics and collective intelligence are key, per a new report.

This Bay Area County Is Filling Its Ranks With Emancipated Foster Youth

STEP participants receive paid job experience and career coaching in the process.

Alabama’s New Food Stamp Work Rules; Multiple Agencies Blamed for Fatal D.C. Metrorail Smoke Incident

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: North Dakota budget to undergo historic budget downsizing; Tennessee concealed carry on public colleges; and Los Angeles eyes key river real estate.

National City-County Task Force on the Opioid Epidemic Convenes in D.C.

24 city and county officials from across the country met to address the local impacts of the nation’s growing substance abuse crisis.

Enlisting Public Libraries to Help Fight Homelessness

Public libraries have long been havens for people with nowhere else to go. Now, a growing number of library systems are adding services for patrons who are homeless, hungry, or suffering from drug addiction or mental illness.

Ky. State Official’s Firing Follows Warning of Potential Violence; Buying One-Way Bus Tickets for Homeless

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: A special budget session in North Dakota; Minneapolis’ municipal drinking water taproom; a stolen flying saucer in New Mexico found.

When the 'Champion of Change' Leaves Town

A widely admired county-prison system might be in peril after the leader who reformed it retires.

For Child Sex Crimes, Algorithms and Data Analysis Bolster Investigative Collaborations

“This has been the most significant change in forensics and dealing with these cases that our folks have seen ever,” Jim Cole, a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations, says.

White House Poverty Summit Looks at Ways to Address Child Welfare

Leaders focus on nutrition and two-generation approaches to helping children growing up in poverty.

Governors Seek Ways for Their States to Address Challenges From Rural Poverty

Better education, they say, is the critical element needed to improve lives in impoverished areas.

States, Localities Try Creative Financing to Help the Homeless

Pay-for-success projects, which rely on outside investors—rather than taxpayers—to provide working capital to nonprofit service providers, are trying to tackle thorny social problems.

UNC Set to Host Seminars on Using Analytics for Better Policymaking

Initial topics include child welfare and managed care.

Seattle’s Roadmap to 21st Century Community Policing

“Mayors must own this,” says the director of the Justice Department’s Community-Oriented Policing Services Office.

New Work Requirements Put Food Stamps at Risk

More than 500,000 people could lose food stamps in 22 states reinstating work requirements. Few states have employment programs ready to help them get back on their feet.