Colorado’s First-in-the-Nation Risk-Limiting Audits Take Shape Ahead of 2017 Election

The state has had eight years to develop a secure election process that’s open source and easily replicable.

Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Hasn’t Officially Met Yet—And It May Have Just Violated Federal Law

The commission could be in violation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act for making decisions during an “organizational” call.

Michigan State Lawmakers Experience a Very Rare Bipartisan Moment

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Maryland city to relocate controversial Roger B. Taney bust; N.C. lawmakers propose more tax cuts; and a Pennsylvania borough’s big skunk problem.

Boston Seeks a More Tech-Savvy Audience With New Open Data Platform

“We’re trying to establish a culture where the default for datasets is trying to make things open data,” said the city’s chief data officer.

Stingray Redactions Sting Tacoma; N.Y. State Worker’s 3,312 Hours of Overtime

Also in our State and Local Weekend Digest: Santa Fe weighs soda tax; major scrutiny for Oklahoma Dept. of Veterans Affairs; and South Carolina faces major pothole lawsuit.

Health Care Cost Transparency Website Will Inform Consumer Decisions in Massachusetts

The first iteration will rely on hospital claims data to infer the average costs of various medical procedures.

As Uber Teams Up With Public Sector, Tensions Over Trade Secrets and Transparency

“The Legislature really needs to clarify what the public policy is going to be,” according to the city manager of Altamonte Springs, Florida.

In Washington State, a Way to Connect With Olympia When Winter Puts It Out of Reach

Relatively few states have authorized remote testimony in the legislative process, but the early use of the practice has shown successes in the Evergreen State.

‘Montanans Have Lost Decades of Public Information’; New Year Brings Higher Minimum Wage

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Some drought relief in California; Harrisburg’s ex-mayor wants his curios and collectibles back; and Toledo vs. suburbs water struggle.

Ohio Fiscal Transparency Initiative Includes Hundreds of Local Governments

The Buckeye State has been pushing to make detailed information accessible online about state and local government spending.

Navigator Award Finalists: Sherry Schoonover and Team, City of Topeka, Kan.

Making its easier to track capital improvement projects—and the funding that’s been budgeted and spent on them.

State Financial Disclosure Antiquated, Inaccessible

The personal financial holdings of candidates for state office and elected officials are often vague and hard to get.

10,000 Files on Chicago Police Torture Are Now Online

Amid continued accusations of police misconduct, the force must contend with a digital rehashing of a sordid chapter in its history.

In California, a Public Engagement Manual for Cities

San Luis Obispo’s how-to guide to community outreach was just featured by the League of California Cities for improving trust in local government.

How Data Drives Government

How can government agencies use the data they collect, generate, protect and share to inform better decision-making and drive mission success?