Utah Mayor Accused of Using Physical Intimidation in Workplace

WEEKEND NEWS ROUNDUP: Baltimore mayor fires police chief; student loan forgiveness for volunteer firefighters; regional flu variations; and mixed reviews for Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota.

A Clash on Capitol Hill Over the Future of Utah’s Bears Ears Monument

Native American tribes are opposed to GOP legislation that would change the size and management of the Obama-era national monument, which President Trump has sought to shrink.

Trump Shrinks Two National Monuments in Utah

The decision significantly reduces public land designated by prior presidents.

House Proposal Would Drastically Overhaul National Monument Guidelines

Critics are saying the legislation is a "radical attempt to undermine the Antiquities Act, which is really one of our nation’s most important conservation tools."

Governors Back Bipartisan Senate Plan to Stabilize Health Markets

Three Republicans and two Democrats teamed up to urge the Senate to act quickly.

For Governors, Zinke’s National Monument Recommendations Remain a Mystery

“Our staff has been actively requesting the information from the Interior Department, as well as the White House, and we have not yet received it,” according to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s press secretary.

Zinke’s National Monument Review Sent to Trump

Details are mostly under wraps, but the Interior secretary said no monuments would be eliminated. There could be, however, unspecified changes to a “handful.”

Utah State Rep. Blames Wildfire on ‘Bird and Bunny Lovers, Tree-Huggers and Rock-Lickers’

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Federal judge rules Alabama must improve its prison mental health care; decision on Flint water contract extension; and a Bay Area migration to Sacramento.

A New U.S. House Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs Begins Its Work

“It should have happened 50 years ago,” U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, the Utah Republican who is leading the bipartisan panel, said of the effort the task force is undertaking.

Interior Secretary Recommends That Bears Ears National Monument Should Be Shrunk

Secretary Ryan Zinke submitted an initial report to the White House about the national monument in Utah, which some GOP officials have characterized as an Obama-era land grab.

Will Bears Ears Remain a National Monument?

If Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke decides to revoke its status, it would be the latest example of the federal government setting aside land in conjunction with tribes, only to break the agreement.

Trump’s Federal Land-Use Regulatory Battle Targets Obama’s Sage Grouse Rules

“They might as well form a shotgun posse to kill off the species directly,” according to a Center for Biological Diversity activist.

Route Fifty Navigator Awards Discussion: Uncovering Innovation In Utah

Join us in Salt Lake City (or remotely) for our first Navigator Awards discussion with innovators driving transformation at the state and local level.

Despite Secession Talk, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Recent secession efforts range from large, ongoing campaigns in Texas and California to smaller pushes in Oklahoma, Maine, Utah, West Virginia and New York.

More States Adopt ‘Click It or Ticket’ Laws: Do They Work?

Not everyone is convinced the tougher laws reduce fatalities. And some opponents say the laws are another example of government interference and can lead to racial profiling.

Trump Plans Executive Order to Review Obama’s National Monument Designation

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Body armor for firefighters; Florida budget talks deadlocked; and Delaware’s librarians are on edge.

Utah’s Cloud Flexibility Welcomes Innovative IoT and AI Solutions

In an interview with Route Fifty, state CIO Mike Hussey discusses rural broadband and lingering “last mile” challenges.

Dirty Air, Climate Change Preoccupy Salt Lake City Leaders

Local officials in smoggy Utah are fighting to reduce pollution and move toward solar and other renewable energy sources.