As Trump Attacks the Federal Health Law, Some States Try to Shore it Up

Charlottesville’s premium spike may be an anomaly. But insurance experts say it could be an indication of what might happen in other parts of the country next fall, when insurers post their final rates for 2019.

The CHIP Reauthorization Saga Is Over But the Damage Has Already Been Done

State officials aren’t likely to forget this episode of Congressional paralysis—and the precedent it set—any time soon.

Virginia Enters 2nd Year of On-Demand Traffic Intelligence Experiment

Standardized data is allowing the state to make more informed transportation decisions more often.

Virginia Is for Second Chances

Under Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia embarked on a campaign to grant clemency more often, and to restore the civil rights of convicted felons.

Trump Administration Eyes as ‘Much as Possible’ for Expanded Offshore Drilling

A number of state and local officials are opposing the leasing of previously protected waters.

Virginia Beach Is Using an IoT-Enabled Sensor Network to Predict Flooding in Real Time

Local officials are hoping high-resolution, hydrodynamic models using fluid physics will improve preparedness and response in a low-lying region vulnerable to flooding.

Virginia Governor Tries Expanding Medicaid—Again

Terry McAuliffe has attempted expansion three times already. Thanks to Democratic gains in the state legislature, his odds of success have improved.

‘Parents Need to Know’: Virginia Sends Notifications That CHIP Coverage Could End

“[I]f one more congressman tells me ‘no problem, they believe in CHIP and they’re going to fund it’ and still they don’t, I think I’m going to scream. Because promises aren’t paying the bills and keeping kids covered.”

Running an IT Enterprise Like a Baseball Team Owner

Virginia CIO Nelson Moe is helping the Commonwealth turn the page and reinvent its IT infrastructure.

Charlottesville Mayor Apologizes to Council, Will Surrender ‘Some of His Assumed Autonomy’

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | South Dakota’s English-only law; Kentucky pension battle lines drawn; and Seattle’s expensive home prices.

War on Opioids Moves to Veterinarians’ Offices

Some states are taking the war on opioids into veterinarians’ offices, aiming to prevent people who are addicted to opioids from using their pets to procure drugs for their own use.

Could Police Have Prevented Bloodshed in Charlottesville?

Neo-Nazis and counter-protesters alike think that local and state police should have done a better job keeping violence from breaking out over the weekend.

Charlottesville Mayor Says of Trump: ‘When You Dance With the Devil ... the Devil Changes You’

STATE AND LOCAL WEEKEND ROUNDUP | ‘Budget deferrals and other government legerdemain’ in Texas; Lexington, Ky. mayor wants to relocate Confederate statues; and Minnesota's renovated State Capitol officially reopens.

Va. Gov. Tells White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis to ‘Go Home’ After Terror Attack

Having declared a state of emergency already, Terry McAuliffe and local officials were left wrestling with three deaths and a president reluctant to blame those responsible.

The States That Tax Cigarettes at the Highest and Lowest Rates

The Tax Foundation has new rankings and an interactive tool that look at the taxes states levy on a pack of smokes and changes in state cigarette tax revenue over the years.

Richmond Mayor Calls Council Move an ‘Overreach of Legislative Authority’

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Boise River flood emergency; Trump taps Texas mayor for HUD post; and tablet computers for Colorado inmates.

Economic Development in Virginia’s Coalfields Region Is a ‘Little Like Fishing’

“The economic situation didn’t happen overnight and it’s not going to be cured overnight,” according to Carl Snodgrass, an economic development official in Wise County.

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Blocked on Medicaid Expansion. Again.

“By refusing to expand the program, we’ve forfeited $10.4 billion and we will continue to forego $6.6 million every day we do not take action,” according to the Democratic governor.

Virginia Governor Sets Veto Record

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Oroville Dam repairs slow going; Utah gov. eyes public lands; Wyoming city official doubles as track star.