In Congested Cities, It Takes a Champion to Deliver Bus-Priority Infrastructure

Local jurisdictions are looking at less-expensive ways to improve transit service through traffic-clogged corridors. But it takes advocates inside and outside government to make them a reality.

D.C. Has to Work Around a White House That Denies Climate Change to Prepare for a 500-Year Flood

The city needs the federal government's cooperation to make its climate-change resiliency plan work.

Dockless Bike Share Is Not a Sign of the Apocalypse

With the new technology all but inevitable, cities of all sizes are scrambling to build the right policies and social norms.

How D.C.’s Workforce System Ditched Its ‘High Risk’ Federal Designation

“Our turnaround has been focused on people,” said the director of the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services.

D.C. Hosted a Hackathon for Making Better Paperwork. Try To Control Your Excitement.

D.C.’s new innovation lab wanted to redesign red tape, and the city’s wonks were eager to help.

More Immigrant Children in U.S. Illegally to Receive Health Care

A half-dozen states plus Washington, D.C., have extended Medicaid benefits to children in the country illegally.

Commentary: Our Work to Reform the Juvenile Justice System Is Not Yet Complete

A trio of practitioners and experts assert “if our collective responsibility is to foster justice and public safety—as we believe it is—we have miles to go before we sleep.”

Fighting AIDS in the Nation's Capital

Over the past decade, Washington, D.C., has cut by three-quarters the number of people testing positive for AIDS.

A Hidden Population: Youth Homelessness Is on the Rise

Across the U.S., the number of young people living alone on the streets appears to be growing. Many communities are stepping up their efforts to help, intervening early with services specifically targeted toward the needs of young people.

In an East-of-River Revitalization, D.C. Takes Lessons From Across the Country

In developing a key parcel in a historically underserved community, Mayor Muriel Bowser is working with experts from the Rose Center to ensure development supports current residents.

D.C. Region Will Conduct ‘Full Scale’ Terrorism Drill Wednesday

Emergency responders will play out a scenario similar to the terror events that took place in Paris in November 2015.

Route Fifty at SXSW: Our Interview With D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

“People live there, people start businesses in Washington, D.C., and we want people to come check out what we have to offer,” Bowser told Route Fifty in an interview at SXSW.

DARPA Tests Dirty-Bomb Hunting Ambulances

The detectors in Washington, D.C., gathered about 100,000 hours of data and traveled a total of about 150,000 miles.

This Tool Helped D.C. Police Better Allocate Resources Throughout Inauguration Weekend

Geospatial data aggregation informs day-to-day police work and security for large events.

Virginia Lawmaker Wants Answers on Whether D.C.'s Metro System Is Ready for a Cyberattack

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner: "I am concerned that WMATA may represent a particularly enticing target for more advanced threats."

How D.C.'s Police Department Is Trying to Improve Data Analysis and Sharing

The Metropolitan Police Department is using a cloud-based records management and moving toward a computer-aided dispatch systems.

The Mayoral Optics of ‘Small Business Saturday’

The annual event is usually a great way to connect with the community. But was D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s choice of where to kick things off a good idea?