This City’s ‘Windows on the Past’ Is Way Cooler Than Most Local History Murals

Instead of an empty brick wall, this mural takes shape on a distinctive architectural landmark.

Gun Safety Looms Over Governors' Trump Meeting

While GOP governors plan to discuss solutions, despite disagreeing on which ones, some Democratic governors suspect the issue will become another ‘bargaining chip’ for the White House.

State and Local Officials Press for More Resources to Reduce Risks From Natural Hazards

“Over the last half-dozen years every one of our federal and state funding lines has been cut back,” according to Alaska Earthquake Center seismologist Mike West.

2 Maps That Better Explain the Landslide Risk From This Giant Crack Above an Interstate

The waiting game continues at the Rattlesnake Hills where the ground recently “changed its behavior.”

What We Can Learn From Tuesday’s Orderly Tsunami Evacuations

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska didn’t cause major damage but the local response underscores some important lessons in emergency preparedness.

Governors Press for Exemptions From Expanded Offshore Drilling

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has gone silent after excluding Florida from a draft lease sales plan, but letters criticizing that decision’s “arbitrary” nature keep coming in.

Growing Crack in Ridge High Above Interstate Highway Prompts Landslide Concern

State and local authorities continue to closely monitor the fissure near Yakima, Washington.

Testing for Tainted Marijuana Challenges States

Anecdotes have emerged of vulnerable consumers, such as cancer patients, contracting dangerous infections after smoking bad weed.

Could Positive Train Control Have Prevented the Amtrak Cascades Wreck?

The NTSB said the train that derailed south of Seattle on Monday was traveling 80 miles per hour, 50 miles faster than the speed limit on the curve where it crashed.

Amtrak Cascades Train Using New Rail Bypass Derails Onto I-5

At least 3 passengers were killed and many more injured as railcars left the tracks adjacent to a busy freeway in Washington state.

Taming the ‘Seattle Process’ to Deliver Future Light-Rail Lines Without Delay

The Emerald City and its new mayor are trying to expedite new transit projects on a timeline where there's little room for multi-jurisdictional and stakeholder error.

West Coast Cities and States Should Be More Worried About the Crisis in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has cut off access to drinking water, sewage, electricity and telecommunications across the U.S. commonwealth. Here’s why Seattle or L.A. might end up being the next San Juan.

Check Out These Giant Pumpkins and Cabbages From 2017 State Fairs

PHOTOS: At one agricultural showcase, the bounties from many counties take center stage.

Embattled Mayor’s Exit Forces Seattle to Dust Off Succession Plans

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Hurricane recovery continues in Florida; N.Y. volunteer firefighters press Gov. Cuomo on health bill; and Detroit Homecoming fills vacant train station.

More Good News for a Promising Earthquake Early-Warning Tool

Here’s what’s planned for the next phase of the ShakeAlert system that’s been under development on the West Coast.

Wildfires Cloak Pacific Northwest in Smoky Haze as Fire Threats Increase

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | L.A.’s structural deficit; N.C.’s attorney general forced to slash 10% of staff; and a “notable lack of hellfire” from satanist at city council meeting.

Unexpected Hot-Air Balloon Incident Keeps Washington State DOT Busy

Near Seattle, there was an unusual feast for the eyes for those normally glued to the monotony of traffic camera footage.

Keeping the Nation’s Busiest Locks Running Strong for Another Hundred Years

PHOTOS: The Ballard Locks in Seattle were an American engineering triumph when they opened a century ago and there’s plenty of other critical infrastructure and economic activity that continue to rely on this waterway.

In Washington State, ‘All Solutions ... Are Local’

Video interview: As the executive director the state's Department of Enterprise Services, Chris Liu proved reducing costs, enhancing a local community and building trust can all go hand-in-hand.