Check Out These Giant Pumpkins and Cabbages From 2017 State Fairs

PHOTOS: At one agricultural showcase, the bounties from many counties take center stage.

Embattled Mayor’s Exit Forces Seattle to Dust Off Succession Plans

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Hurricane recovery continues in Florida; N.Y. volunteer firefighters press Gov. Cuomo on health bill; and Detroit Homecoming fills vacant train station.

More Good News for a Promising Earthquake Early-Warning Tool

Here’s what’s planned for the next phase of the ShakeAlert system that’s been under development on the West Coast.

Wildfires Cloak Pacific Northwest in Smoky Haze as Fire Threats Increase

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | L.A.’s structural deficit; N.C.’s attorney general forced to slash 10% of staff; and a “notable lack of hellfire” from satanist at city council meeting.

Unexpected Hot-Air Balloon Incident Keeps Washington State DOT Busy

Near Seattle, there was an unusual feast for the eyes for those normally glued to the monotony of traffic camera footage.

Keeping the Nation’s Busiest Locks Running Strong for Another Hundred Years

PHOTOS: The Ballard Locks in Seattle were an American engineering triumph when they opened a century ago and there’s plenty of other critical infrastructure and economic activity that continue to rely on this waterway.

In Washington State, ‘All Solutions ... Are Local’

Video interview: As the executive director the state's Department of Enterprise Services, Chris Liu proved reducing costs, enhancing a local community and building trust can all go hand-in-hand.

How Western Washington’s Geographic Barriers Squeeze Lifelines During Emergencies

Mountainous, forested topography can squeeze—or cut off—the Pacific Northwest’s key transportation routes at the worst times. What happens when the Big One hits?

This Promising Tech Tool Can Save Lives Before a Major Earthquake Strikes

As the Trump administration preps to kill ShakeAlert, here's a scenario to demonstrate why funding its continued implementation is critical.

What to Make of the Tunnel Collapse at the Hanford Nuclear Cleanup Site

The incident is only part of the slow-motion deterioration of one of the country's most contaminated places.

County Government Still Waiting for Trump Campaign Reimbursement

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Why GE chose to relocate its HQ to Boston; ACLU pledges to fight Iowa’s new voter ID law; and this California city manager sweeps his city’s streets on weekends.

A Tough 4-Year Journey for the World’s Largest Tunnel Boring Machine

Watch Bertha crash through the concrete finish line and the challenging 9,270-foot journey under Seattle to get there.

A Data-Driven Governance Test for Seattle: Transforming Homeless Services

Two years ago, the Emerald City was among the first to be named to the What Works Cities program and chose to focus on human-services contracting reform. What can other cities learn from Seattle’s experience?

Fight Brews Between West Coast States and Trump Over Climate Policies

“To have a president who will in the next few days, or weeks, announce he intends to roll back our efforts to fight climate change is unacceptable,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said this weekend.

Seattle Sewage Disaster Raises Bigger Questions About Infrastructure Resilience

The hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated waste that poured into Puget Sound in recent weeks will likely be a “moot point” during an even larger catastrophic event. What can be done to mitigate the risk?

Stingray Redactions Sting Tacoma; N.Y. State Worker’s 3,312 Hours of Overtime

Also in our State and Local Weekend Digest: Santa Fe weighs soda tax; major scrutiny for Oklahoma Dept. of Veterans Affairs; and South Carolina faces major pothole lawsuit.

White House Suggests Feds Could Crack Down on Recreational Pot

“I do believe that you’ll see greater enforcement,” press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday.

A New Path to Authorize an Income Tax in Washington State May Start in Seattle

Advocates think that there’s “a great moment to seize” locally but Republicans in Olympia may be one step ahead.

When Highway Traffic Is Dizzying ... But Not in the Way You Might Think

A Washington State Department of Transportation camera captured an unexpected moment on Tuesday.