Wisconsin's Welfare Overhaul Is Almost Complete

The Trump administration could soon approve a proposal from Governor Scott Walker to drug test food-stamp recipients.

Amid Attacks, Teachers Weigh Their Safety Against Student Privacy

Sharing students’ criminal records with schools may violate their privacy, but some lawmakers think it will make teachers safer. Not all teachers are so sure.

Wisconsin Mayor Fears Concessions on DACA Could Threaten Other Immigrants

“We’re not willing to trade DACAs for their parents, DACAs for their siblings, DACAs for a wall,” according to Madison’s Paul Soglin.

Manufacturing Won’t Bring Workers to the Midwest

Wisconsin shouldn’t expect an influx of residents from upstate New York.

County in Wisconsin Looks to Partner With Neighboring Jurisdictions on Vital Services

“It’s something that will be an evolutionary process, not revolutionary,” according to Washington County administrator Joshua Schoemann.

Multiple States Court Taiwanese Manufacturer, But Is It Worth the Concessions?

Foxconn Technology Group is promising $4 billion in investment and 5,000 new jobs, but not every suitor will get a piece of the pie despite cutting taxes, in some cases, to woo them.

In Madison, a Low-Tech Idea to Use Buses as a Traffic Enforcement Tool

Should law enforcement piggy-back on moving transit vehicles to get a bird’s-eye view of adjacent driver behavior?

Measuring Local Criminal Justice Systems Ahead of Reform

With court data hard to come by, Measures for Justice is working with counties in six states to provide transparency at every step in the process—from arrest to post-resolution.

Controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff Joins the Trump Administration

As indictments loom over Milwaukee County Jail after a high-profile death in custody, the county’s controversial sheriff, David Clarke, is moving into a role in the Department of Homeland Security.

Happy 100th Birthday, Wisconsin State Capitol

PHOTOS: The Beaux-Arts building that dominates the Madison skyline came to be out of a mixture of disaster, bad luck and hubris—and it remains the Badger State’s most important public gathering point.

Undermining the Middle Class in Wisconsin

Strangling public-sector unions in the Badger State has shrunk teachers’ pay and benefits. Who’s next?

In the Battle Over Voting Rights, What Happens Next?

Court challenges to redistricting in North Carolina and Wisconsin could bring national changes in elections.

Impacts of ‘Teacher Free Agency’ in Wisconsin’s Schools; Oklahoma Quake Causes Minor Damage

Also in our Weekend State and Local News Digest: Voting Rights Act ruling reverberates in southern states; big spending on Calif. prescription drug initiative; and Sacramento’s really bright lights.

Navigator Award Finalist: Joshua Schoemann, Washington County, Wis., Administrator

Before diving head-first into a local government’s budget season, it’s important to establish priorities first.

Route Fifty Roadmap: Exploring Wisconsin’s State Capitol Building

The Badger State’s current seat of government was born out of a mixture of disaster, bad luck and hubris.

As States Step Back From Sales Tax Holidays, Wisconsin Gov. Embraces One

Scott Walker says his plan “will provide tax relief to the hard-working families” in his state.

The Milwaukee Police Department Knows It Needs Help

Months before the violent protests this weekend, the city’s mayor and police chief sought out a voluntary review from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Milwaukee Leaders Call for Peace Following Weekend Violence

Crowds clashed with police in reaction to a fatal officer-involved shooting in the Wisconsin city Saturday.