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We Covered a Lot of Ground Last Year. Explore Our Route Fifty 2016 Newsmap.

Somewhere outside Philadelphia.

Somewhere outside Philadelphia. Shutterstock


Connecting state and local government leaders

Navigate more than 400 of our articles, features, dispatches and blog posts on U.S. states and localities, from Minot to Miami and so many other places in-between.

Happy New Year!

Here at Route Fifty, as we’ve been looking ahead to the year to come, we’ve been taking stock of our work from 2016 covering the varied world of U.S. state, county and municipal government.

We covered a lot of ground, not just on the breadth of topics we regularly examine and track—like management, technology, infrastructure, public health, budget and finance—but also in a  geographic sense.

Just like we did in 2015, Route Fifty has put together a special newsmap to detail the jurisdictional diversity of our editorial coverage in 2016. Sure, we regularly feature major U.S. cities that often get a lot of attention, but we’ve spotlighted places that you may have never heard of, like Wise County, Virginia, the Bonnet Carre Spillway in Louisiana or Akaska, South Dakota.

So what’s on our map?

There are more than 400 Route Fifty articles, features, dispatches and blog posts from every state and that’s not a full accounting of our editorial work, though it represents most of what we’ve featured in 2016.  (Not featured are stories featured in our news roundups or from our content-sharing partners, like our sibling Atlantic Media publications, The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Stateline and CALmatters.)

As you zoom into a particular region or city, you will see more location pins emerge, most of which have been positioned to a relevant location for each story, like, for instance San Onofre State Beach in California, where authorities had to clean up a decomposing whale carcass back in April, or Dallas City Hall, where municipal officials have been dealing with an awful fiscal mess. Just click on the links on each pin to go to the corresponding article.

Some location pins have links to more than one story, like in Monessen, Pennsylvania, where we wrote three feature stories about the former steel town’s economic development struggles last year.

And here’s what Route Fifty covered in 2015:

Michael Grass is Executive Editor of Government Executive's Route Fifty and is based in Seattle.

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