5 Former N.C. Governors: Proposed Constitutional Amendments ‘Must Be Stopped’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | N.J. Supreme Court rules on police video access … stunning images of Carr Fire’s destruction … and why Fort Worth doesn’t envy Dallas.


N.Y. State Wants to Help Its Municipalities With Recycling Strategy

Amid China’s new restrictions on recycling imports, Gov. Cuomo wants a better game plan for waste management in the Empire State.


Instead of Razing Buildings, Some Cities Want to Reuse Their Bones

Cities across the country are looking at whether blighted buildings can be "deconstructed" instead of demolished, and whether this can help to create local jobs.

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Governing at the Intersection of People and Technology

Despite the growth of state and local government budgets following a post-recession slump, many agencies still struggle to attract and retain skilled workers. Competition from the private sector and lingering technological shortcomings are a few of the pressure factors. Still, there is much that can be done even under the constraints faced by public sector organizations. 


Transit Advocates Question If Trump Administration Withholding $1.4B in Local Grants

The Federal Transit Administration said most projects haven’t met the grant requirements for consideration yet.

Tech & Data

Governments Need to Re-tool the IT Workforce (Again)

Leaders should encourage change agents, and those government workers will need to develop and maintain certain skills and capabilities.

Public Safety

When Wildfires Strike Rural Places Wary of Tax-Funded Firefighting Operations

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Calif.’s secret DMV location for lawmakers … a plan to consolidate N.J. school districts … and a lawsuit over a “secret deal” in Miami Beach.


Spending Millions to Stop the Spread of a Destructive Insect Invader

Southeastern Pennsylvania is ground zero for an invasive species outbreak that’s threatening trees and crops. Can it be contained?


Russia Doesn’t Need to Change Votes—Just Sow Confusion

The confusion in June primary elections in Maryland and California—caused by computer glitches and human error—show what could happen if foreign adversaries successfully hack voter registration information, experts say.

Tech & Data

How California Is Improving Cyber Threat Information Sharing

The state wants to add every city and county government to its automated threat feed program in the next three to four years.


The Mopeds Are Coming

Shared, electric motor scooters are racing to catch up with Bird, Lime, and other kick-scooter brands, as tech companies attempt to reinvent urban mobility. But can these vehicles ever find a place in America?

Smart Cities

Drones Can Fix Problems on the Ground

COMMENTARY | Expediting adoption will save lives—and possibly our failing national infrastructure.


Pennsylvania Governor's Views on Recreational Marijuana Diverge From His Allies

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Dallas City Council member indicted … pipe dream for new Ala. interstate … and a frustrated city manager leaves job due to armchair quarterbacks.


This 106-Year-Old Risk Makes the Case for a Subway in Portland

What will come first? A new river crossing Oregon's largest city needs or a massive earthquake?

Health & Human Services

Wisconsin Tackles the Opioid Crisis

COMMENTARY | State leaders prioritize expanding access to evidence-based treatment


Conservative Group Suggests More Requirements for Public Sector Unions

Several states have passed laws requiring public sector unions to "recertify" their membership ahead of collective bargaining, which proponents say is "about democracy." Critics counter it is an onerous burden for unions.

Tech & Data

Secretaries of State Blast Election Hacking Exercise

The election officials said replicating their systems is “extremely difficult,” but others say they’re reluctant to let cybersecurity experts access them to test for vulnerabilities.

Tech & Data

Blockchain for Government Has Already Arrived

COMMENTARY | State governments are testing projects—and, no, it’s not (just) about cryptocurrencies.

Public Safety

Hurricane Season Likely to Be Less Active, Forecasters Say

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revised its hurricane season outlook Thursday.


One Step Closer to Rules That Will Reshape Uber and Lyft in N.Y.C.

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | State of emergency in Virginia … Airbnb’s San Diego signature effort … laid-off state workers sue Illinois … and a microclimate for ticks in Maine.