Health & Human Services

Philadelphia Safe Injection Site Faces Opposition

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois bill would ban lawmakers from serving as lobbyists … California bill seeks to stop FEMA from recouping payments … Ex-Baltimore mayor sentenced in “Healthy Holly” case. 

Health & Human Services

The Opioid Epidemic Might Be Much Worse Than We Thought

A new paper suggests that death certificates dramatically undercounted the number of people dying from opioid overdoses.


Lawmakers Push to Restore Waterway, Coastal Storm Assessment Funds

The Trump administration has proposed significant reductions to a program that funds cleanup in the Chesapeake Bay and stopped funding studies that seek to address threats posed by coastal storm-related flooding.

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Navigating the Changing Workforce

Lack of resources, staff and skills all make it tough to run your operations efficiently. This guide will help you meet these challenges head on and find a safety net with operations software.


What’s Next for Fiscal Oversight in Philadelphia?

COMMENTARY | Experts and officials debate future of agency that has played key role since 1992.

Health & Human Services

The Solution to Soaring Drug Prices? A Public Option for Pills

COMMENTARY | With public opinion of Big Pharma near an all-time low, it’s time for the government to enter the generic drug business.

Tech & Data

Here Are Some of the ‘Promising Practices’ in State Broadband Expansion

A new Pew Charitable Trusts report found that policies like “dig once” requirements can encourage better collaboration with internet service providers to expand access.


Seattle Mayor Won’t Sign Legislation Banning Winter Evictions, But It Becomes Law Anyway

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New Mexico enacts red flag gun legislation … Virginia establishes parole reforms … Massachusetts lawmaker wants to know how marijuana revenue is used.

Public Safety

This State Has Figured Out How to Treat Drug-Addicted Inmates

More jails and prisons are starting to offer medication-assisted treatment for inmates addicted to opioids. But it's available at just a very small fraction of correctional facilities across the country.

Tech & Data

The Human Cost of Missing Data in Prisons

COMMENTARY | Nowhere is good information about operations more critical than in prisons and jails. But too often states simply lack the kind of data that holds officials accountable.

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Local Leaders Talk Solutions to Rising Costs of Living

At an event in Washington D.C., mayors and city council members spoke about the need for local solutions helping people cope with the increased costs of housing, child care and health care.

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Optimizing the Caseworker

To best support children and families, caseworkers need tools that reflect the financial reality of their clients.


America is Aging and That Could Present Problems for Some States

In about 15 years, the number of people 65 and over is expected to outnumber those under 18 for the first time in U.S. history.


The Disappearing Songs of Hawaii’s Endangered Native Birds

Six of the seven birds native to Kauai’s forests are in a state of precipitous decline.

Health & Human Services

As The Coronavirus Spreads, Americans Lose Ground Against Other Health Threats

U.S. health officials are refighting battles they thought they had won, such as halting measles outbreaks, reducing deaths from heart disease and protecting young people from tobacco.


Oregon Republicans Walk Out to Avoid Vote on Climate Change Bill (Again)

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Effort to expel Washington lawmaker accused of domestic terrorism fails … Alabama lawmaker proposes database for concealed carry permits … New Jersey governor proposes fee on businesses for Medicaid reliance.


One State Becomes First in the Nation to Preempt City Natural Gas Bans

No cities in Arizona have banned gas stoves or other residential uses of natural gas. The state wants to keep it that way.

Health & Human Services

Clinical Trial Underway for Coronavirus Treatment

It's the first test of a treatment for the virus, which federal officials said Tuesday was likely to continue spreading throughout the United States.