Health & Human Services

Extending Medicaid After Childbirth Could Reduce Maternal Deaths

Evidence shows women should receive follow-up care for a year after giving birth.


Florida Governor Wants High School Students to Take Civics Exam

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Georgia governor will have to testify about minority voter registration comments … Virginia governor proposes $22 million to combat black maternal mortality … South Carolina senator proposes a total ban on offshore drilling.

Public Safety

Appeals Court Sides With Activist In Challenge Over City’s Bullhorn Restrictions

The California case concerns whether local permitting requirements for using megaphones and other sound amplification equipment infringe on free speech.

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Your Weakest Security Link is Probably in Your Employee’s Inbox

We’ve all seen those too-good-to-be-true emails offering riches if we just send over some personal details, like banking information or our social security number.


Caught in the Cycle of ‘Urgent Over Important’? This Leadership Strategy Can Help

COMMENTARY | A data-driven approach to governing, PerformanceStat is an effective way to focus on long-term challenges.

Tech & Data

A State's Sassy Approach to the Social Media Game

With a "your mom" joke and a lot of state-specific content, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's digital team tackles Twitter in a whole new way (while also getting serious when the news is serious).

Health & Human Services

Supreme Court Allows Kentucky Abortion Ultrasound Requirement to Stand

The law requires women who seek abortions to view a narrated ultrasound before the procedure, even if they don’t want one.


Our War Against Urban Rats Could be Leading to Swift Evolutionary Changes

COMMENTARY | Rats are superbly adapted to forage efficiently, breed often and produce enough progeny to repopulate quickly.


How to Save a Dying Language

The Hawaiian language nearly went extinct. Now it’s being taught in dozens of immersion schools.


California Bans Insurers From Dropping Customers Because of Wildfire Risks

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia sheriff says he will deputize citizens … Trucks only toll plan in Connecticut … Boston city council candidate wins election by one vote.


Democrats, White House Make a Deal on the New NAFTA

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a deal Tuesday on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

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Health & Human Services

How One State Seeks to Help Parents with Early Child Development

In Alabama, parents can jump online to learn how to play and chat with their children in ways that encourage healthy development.

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IT Consolidation - What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

IT consolidation has been a high-priority government and education initiative for many years.


Suburban Jobs Are Growing Fastest, But Urban Jobs Pay More

New labor data show that the suburbs have the fastest job growth in the U.S. But we shouldn’t assume the future of employment will be suburban.


Dozens of States Want to Keep America’s Broken Climate Promise

States still aiming to meet U.S. climate commitments will reduce emissions 20 to 27 percent below their all-time high by 2025, a new report card shows.

Health & Human Services

Cities Increasingly Enacting Bans Restricting Homeless People, Report Says

In the last three years, more cities have prohibited camping, sleeping in public, sharing food, and living in vehicles.


Opportunity Zones Investors Show Appetite for Real Estate Over Startups

Nearly three quarters of $4.5 billion that has poured into the program is in investment funds that plan to focus at least in part on residential real estate.


Republican Lawmaker in Florida Wants Undocumented Immigrants to Get Driver’s Licenses

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nebraska lawmakers wants more lawmakers … Bill in Arizona to restrict acceptable voter IDs … Artificial Christmas tree draws ire in Rhode Island.

Health & Human Services

Too Many Drugs, Too Little Data

COMMENTARY | Unlike other states, Massachusetts leaders relied on data—crucial in developing policies, but too often not available—to guide their decision to begin allowing medication-assisted treatment for drug addiction in jails.


Honolulu Passes Strict Single-Use Plastics Ban

The Honolulu City Council last week passed a sweeping single-use plastics ban that affects the entire island of Oahu, home to 70 percent of Hawaii residents.